Bryn Gwlad Minecraft Server

General Guidelines:

  1. Join the Bryn Gwlad Discord Server
  2. Download the game
  3. Use the Minecraft server and port info (below) to join the server

Server Name:
Port (Bedrock Only): 25565

Need a written tutorial? Check out the Minecraft Tutorial Wiki
Prefer a video tutorial? Check out this video series

Some of these are basic, some of these are server-specific.
These will be updated as we go along.

  • Get iron tool kit (one use only):
    • /kit beginner
  • In-Game Chat
    • press t, type your message, press Enter
  • Getting to your Inventory
    • press e, use your mouse to select items
    • use Ctrl+click and Shift+click to manipulate stacks of items
  • Mouse Clicks
    • Left Click — remove blocks, use off-hand items
    • Right Click — place blocks, use items, interact with objects or NPCs
  • Pull up your in-game stat GUI (might be too much info)
    • F3
  • Warping
    • List your available warp locations: /warps
    • Warp to a location: /warp <location>
  • Flying (admin and builder groups only)
    • Start/Stop flying: space space
    • Move up: space
    • Move down: shift
  • Teleporting to someone (admin and builder groups only)
    • /tp <their_username>
  • Teleporting someone to your location (admin and builder groups only)
    • /tp <their_username> <your_username>

Within the limits of Bryn Gwlad and Castleton

  1. DO NOT overshadow the Keep. There are rows of glow stone in the air above the city to mark the highest that we want folks to build, please stay below that
  2. Do not build across the streets. These streets are based on our Historical Baronial Maps, and we want to preserve that layout.
  3. If you want to build in the city, start your build on an unclaimed plot
  4. Avoid building on claimed plots unless you ask first.
  5. We want everyone to build freely, but there is limited space inside the major city builds. Consider building outside the city limits! Go North to Lake Travis, South to the Gulf of Mexico, or anywhere else!
  6. Keep distinctly modern builds away from the major cities/landmarks; this will help us preserve the medieval/SCA aesthetic
  7. Do your best to hide/mask Minecraft machines if you are within the major cities/landmarks.

Within other SCA groups (Hellsgate, Shadowlands, etc) or where other players have started building keeps or bases

  • Ask before you build or farm in/around their builds. Most groups are happy to have extra hands and help. Asking first will ensure that you are aware of their plans/goals and can help in the best way.

Watch this walkthrough for a glance at the major Bryn Gwlad landmarks
(Spawn Point, Castleton, Bryn Gwlad City, Bryn Gwlad City Plots, Bryn Gwlad Keep)
Flying from Castleton to Lake Travis and over to Bryn Gwlad
Getting to the Arena from Castleton
Tour of the Shadowlands Castle

The arena is where all of our competitions and combat scenarios will happen. Here’s how you get to it in our MC Server.

Getting to the Arena From Spawn (Castleton):

  • Head North up the giant steps to BG City
  • Walk to the center of the city (Don Tivar Memorial Park)
  • Turn left at the fountain
  • Head out the Western Gate of the City
  • Follow the Road to the Arena

Getting to the Arena from BG Park:

  • Head out the Western Gate of the City
  • Follow the Road to the Arena

Video walkthrough of getting to the arena:

Minecraft YouTube Playlist