Asgardian Field Day

Bryn Gwlad and Shadowlands invite you to our Fall Event!

Asgardian Field Day

Nov 6, 2021
Setup/Teardown – Fri/Sun

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Date: 6 November 2021
Time: All Day

Location: TBD
Joint Event with the Shire of the Shadowlands!

Event StewardTBD
ResourcesEvent Planning Doc!
  • Friday, 5th (if site and health restriction allow)
    • Setup in the afternoon
    • Tavern and Bardic in the evening
  • Saturday, 6th
    • A full day of activities!
    • Court!
    • Deatils to be added soon
  • Sunday, 7th (if site and health restriction allow)
    • Tear-down
    • Site cleanup

Fall Baronial is an annual event hosted by Bryn Gwlad in the Fall of each year. The event is traditionally held in or around October, though the exact date moves around. Their Excellencies Bryn Gwlad usually select champions for Rapier Combat, Chivalric Combat, and Archery at this event. The event regularly features tournaments all day Saturday and Champion Lists on Sunday. The content, schedule, location, and theme change from year to year.