Fall Baronial 2020

The Wild Hunt

This page is a dynamic, work in progress. It will be updated as information is available, or as the city/state/society situation changes over the coming months.

Description/Welcome paragraph for the event. This will sets the stage for the theme and will let people know what type of event to expect (a&s, collegium, combat, virtual, in-person, etc).

Event StewardMundane NameContact Info
Lady kolfinna inn kyrra OtarsdottirKira Langsjoenkolfinnakyrii@yahoo.com
via Discord
via Facebook (mundane name)
Start DateMM/DD/YYYY
Start Time (Troll Opens)HH:MM AM/PM TIMEZONE
End Time (Site Closes)HH:MM AM/PM TIMEZONE
LocationStreet address
City, State, Zip
google map pin
Site Fees:
Make checks payable to: SCA Inc./Barony of Bryn Gwlad
Adult Member: $amt
Adult Non-Member: $amt
Child (under 18): Free
Feast (Optional): Adult: $amt
Children: Free
Camping allowed?Yes/No
Campfires allowed?Yes/No
Equestrian Activities?Yes/No
Archery/Ranged Activities?Yes/No
Alcohol Allowed?Yes/No/BYO/Purchase Only
RV Access?Yes/No/Fees?
Pets Allowed?Pets? Service Animals?
Staff RoleSCA Name
Event MentorHE Myfanwy
Feast StewardsMaster Avery Shaw
Master Phelim Gervase (Pug)
“Hunt” CoordinatorKatalina Ana de Salamanca
Gate Coordinator
Rapier CoordinatorDon Orazio d’Assisi
Heavy Coordinator
Herald CoordinatorSigrun de Birca
Archery CoordinatorMistress Kaitlyn McKenna
Brewing CoordinatorLord Theodric Ealdwulf
A&S CoordinatorMaster Rene Damours
Class CoordinatorMaster Rene Damours
Royal LiasonHE Magdalena “Dena” Cortez
Crown Lunch Coordinator
Waterbearing Coordinator
Set-up Coordinator
Tear-Down Coordinator

schedule goes here

Start DateMM/DD/YYYY
Platforms UsedLinks
Fund Raiser or
Yes/No, Links
Staff RoleSCA NameContact Info
Event Mentor
Theme Coordinator
Virtual Tech Support
Rapier Coordinator
Heavy Coordinator
Herald Coordinator
Archery Coordinator
A&S Coordinator
Class Coordinator
Royal Liason/Court Coordinator

schedule goes here