Event Resources

This page is intended to centralize our collective knowledge about planning, running, and building events.

This section will include resources for autocrats, links, etc

Event AAR and Reports

Ansteorran Autocrat Handbook (WIP)

Event Ads
Event Creation form, resources, check advance form, auth for unbudgeted expenses,

Event Budget Worksheet, check request form
Baronial Pavilion, how-to
Outdoor Event Checklist
Indoor Event Checklist

This section will include a description of common roles, experience required, and brief descriptions of each role

This section will include our baronial event bid resources

This section will include information (common things to look for , legal/insurance considerations) to keep in mind when you are looking for or reserving a site

Info related to site tokens, prizes, awards, court, and more.

Link to Ansteorran Calendar

Common Tournament/Competition Styles

A&S Competitions

Iron Artisan
A&S Scored Competition
Popular Vote

Heavy/Rapier Scenarios

Capture the Flag
Valhalla Melee
Standard Tournament
Standard Melee
Escort Missions
Round Robin
Challenge Tourney