Candlemas 2024

A Most Illustrious Wedding

February 3rd, 2024 at the Georgetown Community Center

The year is 1494 and the wealthiest bride in Europe is about to become the queen of Germany and future Empress of Rome.  Come re-live the wedding of Bianca Maria Sforza of Milan and King Maximilian I of Austria and Germany. An event “all those who were present agreed that they had never seen so magnificent a spectacle, and the Ambassador of Russia, who was numbered amongst them, declared that he had never witnessed such an extraordinary display of pomp. The Nuncio of his Holiness the Pope said the same thing, as well as the Ambassador of France, who declared that, although he had been present at the Coronations of the Pope and of his own King and Queen, he had never seen anything more splendid.” (A letter from Beatrix Sfortia Vicemoes Estensis Duchissa Bri).

Wear your fanciest Italian and German clothing and join us for music, dance, food, and revelry!

What:Bryn Gwlad Candlemas
Where:Georgetown Community Center
445 E Morrow St, Georgetown, TX 78626
When:February 3rd 2024
8am to 10pm
(with Regional Fighter Practice on the 4th)
Event Stewards:Maestro Orazio d’ Assisi
Activities:A&S Classes all day, 15thC Italian Ball, Feast in the evening
Competitions: Costume, Desserts and Subtleties, A&S, Bardic, Brewing, C&T


Adult Event Registration: $25
Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $20
Minors and students (with school ID): $6 (free with membership)
Feast: $10
Make checks payable to: {SCA Inc./Bryn Gwlad}


According to SCA Policy: “Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They may also attend with a 21-year-old or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver from the parents.”

Site Restrictions (Food, Pets, Service Animals, etc)

  • Smoking is not allowed in the building or on the premises (including the Courtyard)
  • Service animals are allowed
  • Animals that are not service animals are prohibited
  • There is not designated parking for the Center. All parking within San Gabriel Park is first come first serve.
  • Alcohol is only allowed when Security is present – Bryn Gwlad will be paying for security from 2pm until 10pm.

Note: Entries that have no SCA Name listed are positions that still need to be filled! Contact the Event Steward to volunteer!

Staff ListSCA Name
Event StewardOrazio d'Assisi
Day of: Elizabeth Fraser
Populace Luncheon CoordinatorMorina O Donnabhain
Feast CoordinatorChristiane Milton
Gate CoordinatorEstienne de bretagne
Site Set UpVilhjálmr Þursasprengir
Youth ActivitesGiulia di Marco Gonzaga
Games CoordinatorGoldweard St. Golias
Costume Contest CoordinatorDrika Van Sittern
C&T MarshalMartin Malone
WaterbearingSaturday: Petronilla Peregrina
Sunday: Genevieve of Hellsgate
Regional Practice CoordinatorRapier: Calvin Tittle
Chivalric: Roric and Rafael
A&S CoordinatorMadelena de Orozco
Bardic CoordinatorEdward of the Forest
Brewing Competition CoordinatorElen verch Phelip
Class CoordinatorElizabeth Frasier
Royal/Landed LiasionSantiago Rodrigo Draco de Aranjuez
Insignia DerbyRose Putnam
Ambiance/TransitionAmbiance: Sharon of Conway
Transition: Goldweard st. Golias
Server SupervisorIoannes Dalassenos
Head Table Supervisor
Dance/Feast LiasionChristiane Milton
Dance CoordinatorMyfanwy Ferch Eifion
Candle Dance CoordinatorKaitlyn McKenna
Musician CoordinatorSean Tabor
Pit MasterAvatar of Catsprey
Clean Up Supervisor
Silent HeraldRobin Elwood
Accessibility CoordinatorVászoly "vás" Báthorij

Site Address:

Georgetown Community Center
445 E Morrow St, Georgetown, TX 78626

Google Map Pin:

Directions from Temple, TX (North of site on I-35):

  • From Temple, TX, head South on I-35
  • Take Exit 264 from I-35 S toward TX-158 Spur/NE Inner Loop
  • Turn left onto Lakeway Dr
  • Turn Right onto N Austin Ave
  • Turn left onto Chamber Way
  • Turn left onto E Morrow Street
  • Follow signs for Community Center, building will be on your left

Directions from Austin, TX (South of site on I-35):

  • From Austin, TX, head North on I-35
  • Take Exit 262 from I-35 N toward FM 2338/Granger/FM971
  • Turn Right onto Forest Street
  • Turn left onto E Morrow Street
  • Follow signs for Community Center, building will be on your left

There will be activities happening at the following locations on site:

  • Lobby
  • Ticket Booth
  • Entrance
  • Front of Hall
  • Back of Hall (Courtyard Side)
  • Back of Hall (Kitchen Side)
  • Behind the Wall
  • Courtyard
  • Outdoor Park

Schedule is subject to Change.

Coordinator: Lady Elizabeth Fraser

Below is the schedule of classes. For complete class descriptions and instructor/fee info, please view the PDF of Candlemas 2024 A&S Class Descriptions Here.

Please reach out to the feast steward or event steward with any questions

Dance coordinator: Myfanwy Ferch Eifion

Music Coordinator: HL Sean Tabor

Pit Master: Master Avatar

Candle Dance coordinator: Mistress Kaitlyn McKenna
Candle Dance: Petit Vriens
If you are interested in participating in the candle dance, please reach out to Mistress Kaitlyn McKenna.

Dance List

  • Vite de Colei – Nuremberg manuscript (use La Vita de Cholina music)
  • L’Amoroso – Nuremberg manuscript (use Amoroso Music)
  • Grene Gynger
  • Le Bens Distonys
  • New Yer
  • Charlotte Bransle
  • Pease Bransle
  • Aridan Bransle
  • SCA Maltese Bransle
  • Petit Rose
  • Gelosia Anello
  • Petit Vriens

Current Champion: HL Madalena de Orozco

The Arts and Sciences championship will follow the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Judging Format with the exception of additional weight being provided to entries that are on theme to the event.

HL Madalena is also sponsoring a populace choice prize. Come by the tables and vote for your favorite entry!

Examples of thematic topics:
– Late 15th century Milanese (Italian) or Austrian (German)
– Marriage
– Political unions
– Balls and dancing
– Feasts and revelry

Current Champion: Lord Edward of the Forest

In keeping with the theme, the bardic competition will be a minimum of two rounds with the following categories to choose from:

  • Something Old (period)
  • Something New (something you’ve not performed in a bardic competition)
  • Something Borrowed (someone else in the SCA wrote it)
  • Something Blue (sad or bawdy, bard’s choice)

You may not use the same option more than once.
There may be a third and fourth round as time permits and as their excellencies deem necessary to determine their champion. Anyone with at least two pieces is encouraged to enter.
Please limit the length to no more than 5 minutes a piece.

Current Champion: Mistress Elen Verch Phelip

Bryn Gwlad wants you! To be the new Brewing Champion for the new Baron and Baroness. This competition will be a “bring your best round table” style competition with minimal documentation required. The judges will preside and share commentary on each brew presented and all who attend will be welcomed to stay, try each brew, and discuss what went well and what could be improved, in an open format. This is meant to help everyone learn and improve, so if you don’t brew but are interested in the process, join us!

There will be three categories:

  • alcoholic (mead, beer, wine)
  • non-alcoholic (tisane, sekanjebin, tepache)
  • fermented liquids (vinegar, garum)

There will be a small prize for each category, and the Champion will be chosen from the highest judging sheet score, in accordance with TE-to-be’s wishes. Those sheets will be available soon, so check back. And please stay for court!

Documentation requirements are minimal (though more is always welcome!) however, we do expect some kind of label for each brew. The label should include: the entrant’s name, the name and type of brew, date when it was made, date when it was bottled, and an ingredients list. The ingredients list is extremely important for allergy reasons. Abv is nice but not necessary. The label can be hand written on a tag or it can be a sticker, but it must be attached to the bottle. Unlabeled and unattended bottles will not be opened or judged.

Please contact the current champion, Elen verch Phelip, with any questions.

Current Champion: Master Martin Malone

3 Bear Pits :
– 37″ or longer Single Sword + Offhand
– 37″ or shorter Single Sword + Offhand
– Two Handed Sword

Winners hold the field for 3 bouts.

1 person from each pit will move forward (most wins, unless that person won another pit then it will go to the next person)

1 person will move forward based on total wins across all fields.

the 4 finalists will advance to a 2 out of 3 Single Elimination “Bring your best” set of rounds to pick the champion.

“The Queen wore a toilette of crimson satin embroidered with stripes of gold and covered with precious stones. Her train was of immense length, as also her hanging sleeves whose shape made them appear like two wings, and these produced a splendid effect.”

Coordinator: Drika van Sitteren

Bryn Gwlad is having a costume contest at Candlemas this year. Event theme is the 1494 wedding of Bianca Maria Sforza of Milan and King Maximillian I of Austria. Costume contest theme is Fabulous, Fancy, Extra.

There will be a runway! Swoosh garments, vogue, and play to the audience as you are inspired.

  • Two prizes
    • Nobles’ choice: best classy, historically accurate costume (as advised by the laurellate), extra points for theme appropriate garb
    • Populace choice: Most glamorous outfit as determined by popular acclaim

There are no strict guidelines. 15th century Italian or German garb is great, also note wedding guests came from many nations. Plus – anyone doing the FAFO Challenge is encouraged to enter.

Are you ready to test your luck? Are you ready to try to win it all?
We will be hosting a Games Contest for all! Participants will be given a starting handful of coins that you can bet, trade, play, and good faith shenanigan your way to collecting the most!

To celebrate the sweet sacrament of matrimony, the couple invite the populace to submit (at least) a bakers dozen of small (no more than 3in across) sweets to share with the populace. The best of which shall be awarded a prize! Additional weight will be given to any which are presented within a subtlety or are themselves subtleties. These sweets are to be served in the afternoon after the populace luncheon along with a tea and coffee bar.

For an introduction to subtleties, please click HERE (note: external link to Stefan’s Florilegium)

The bride and groom to be, Maximilian I and Bianca Maria Sforza, are thrilled to have the kingdom join them for their nuptials at Candlemas on February 3rd. In preparation for the celebration, they send word that their wedding registry consists of a trinity of sable talons, cranes, and thistles. In thanks for these gifts, there are prizes for the best handmade and machined insignia and they will graciously receive as many of each type as you desire to produce.

As always, the kingdom of Ansteorra gratefully accepts all heraldically correct insignia.

Spend the day on Saturday with music, arts, dance, and food, and then join us Sunday at the Georgetown Community Center for a Regional Rapier, Chivalric, and Cut & Thrust practice!

Schedule and other details will be added soon.