Asgardian Fjord Day

Bryn Gwlad and Shadowlands invite you to our Fall Event!

Odin has endured his time on the World Tree in order to learn the secrets of the Runes.  But he is now old and frail, so must search for the Goddess Idun and her Golden Apples of Immortality.  But all of the Gods are busy playing games and relaxing after having endured the disastrous last year while Odin was otherwise occupied. 
Can you help Odin collect Idun’s Golden Apples?
Are you prepared to recognize others with gifts of your own?

6 November 2021
All Day

DEANVILLE HALL, Farm to Market 111, Deanville, TX
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As the tales are told, the goddess Idun keeps golden apples that grant the gods everlasting youth. Odin and the gods have stepped down to Midgard only to find that Odin’s youth has faded away. It is up to you, the populace, to rejuvenate Odin by collecting Idun’s apples! Compete in challenges set by the gods in order to win one of Idun’s apples and then trade them to Odin for a prize. The gods will favor your participation with tokens of their own.

Apples aren’t the only things up for grabs at the Asgardian Fjord Day. The event will feature certain gods and goddesses with their own largesse to give away. Collect all the tokens you can, or come as your own favorite Norse figure and hand out largesse of your own. Largesse can be turned into jewelry at the A&S tent, or turn into betting material for period games. Your imagination is the only limit, so show us what you can do!


Staff ListSCA Name
Co-Event Steward (Bryn Gwlad)
Nicaize Maupetit
Co-Event Steward (Shadowlands)
Morina O'Donovan
Gate Coordinator
Elizabeth Fraser Sigrun de Birca
A&S Coordinator
Theodora Phokas, Miriel atte Linde
Chiv Coordiantor
Valgard York, Vilhjalmr þursasprengir
Rapier Coordinator
Orazio d'Assisi
Archery Coordinator
Kaitlyn (run range), Edward (help w/hauling)
Set-up / Tear-down
Kolfinna Inn Kyrra
Elen Verch Phelip
Site Liason
Morina O'Donovan
Judith de Sainte Clare
Parking Coordinator
Gerold Screivogel and Bolesław Adwentowicz
Site Token and Largess Coordinator
Asta Bassadottir


  • 8:00am Site Opens, Gate Opens, Inspections Begin
  • 9:00am Morning Court at Long House
    • Inspections resume after court
  • 10:00am-2:00pm
    • 10:00 Rapier Games, Archery starts
    • 11:00 Chivalric and Combat Archery Melees
    • 12:00 Rapier List, Chivalric Challenge Fights
  • 2:00pm Mid-day Court at the List Fields
  • 2:00pm Gate Closes
  • 2:15pm-5:00’ish
    • Active Games (near Long House)
    • Period Gaming (Long House)
    • Open Archery Shoot
    • Open Thrown Weapons
  • 5:00pm Evening Court (Mead Hall)
  • 6:30pm BYO-Feast (Mead Hall)
  • 7:00pm Thorgent (Mead Hall)
  • 10:00pm Site Closes

Things to Expect

  • Chivalric and Rapier scenarios hosted by Tyr and Ullr
  • Chivalric Melees with Combat Archery – Ice Giants vs Aesir
  • Archery with Skadi
  • A&S solar hosted by Frigg
  • Active games – Field Day games
  • Period board games hosted by Odin
  • Njord, god of the sea, will be providing bottled water in accordance with COVID restrictions
  • If you just want a place to sit and chat or do you hair or makeup, Freyja’s beauty shop will be open all day by the list field
  • The evening will be capped off with a BYO Feast in the mead hall, followed by a very special pageant we are calling the Thorgeant. You see, Freyja is in need of your assistance getting Thor’s hammer back, lest she be married off against her will. Come as your best Bride Thor or Handmaid Loki and compete for the honor of helping her out of this tricky situation.


November 1, 2021
November 5, 2021
November 6, 2021
November 7, 2021
November 15, 2021
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Because Kingdom and Local Jurisdictions are continually reacting to the ever changing state of the pandemic, we are going to ensure our event is as flexible as possible.  We are endeavoring to make decisions which will allow the least amount of churn in the event of rules changing or event cancelation.  These include:

  • No feast
  • Site with sufficient outdoor areas to allow social distancing
    • Including outdoor covered pavilion
  • Minimize monetary outlay in case of cancelation
    • Deposit return on event of cancelation
    • Minimize costs which can’t be recovered
      • Site tokens can be used for later event
      • No money will be spent on perishable food 

We have also discussed under what conditions we would choose to cancel the event, even if it’s not strictly forbidden by Kingdom or local jurisdiction.  These include:

  • Local jurisdictions (Travis Country, Williamson County, Brazos County, Burleson County (where event will be located)) recommending no large gatherings which include unvaccinated people
    • For example City of Austin being in Stage 5 would trigger the event being canceled
  • Known recent Covid cases among the SCA groups or close contacts

Fall Baronial is an annual event hosted by Bryn Gwlad in the Fall of each year. The event is traditionally held in or around October, though the exact date moves around. Their Excellencies Bryn Gwlad usually select champions for Rapier Combat, Chivalric Combat, and Archery at this event. The event regularly features tournaments all day Saturday and Champion Lists on Sunday. The content, schedule, location, and theme change from year to year.