Bryn Gwlad Events

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Candlemas is the annual February Event that Bryn Gwlad hosts. This event is traditionally held indoors and features A&S classes, dance classes, a feast, a ball, our Cut & Thrust championship, and other arts and sciences championships.

Heraldric Retreat

This is a one-day Training event, no Garb, Just Heraldry

Fall Baronial

Bryn Gwlad’s Fall Baronial event is an event that is typically a 3-day event with activities on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October. Traditionally, the event is combat-focused and features a full day of tournaments and combat, during which Their Excellencies distribute invitation tokens for the Rapier and Chivalric tournaments held on Sunday. The day is usually packed with archery, rapier, chiv, classes, and all sorts of evening revels and fun.

Zombie Tournament

Zombie tournament is an annual Halloween-themed tournament that happens at our last Tuesday practice in October. Grim Reaper, Zombies, Costumes, Fun, and Prizes!

Yule Revel

Bryn Gwlad and Hellsgate take turns hosting our Yule Revel. This event is not submitted to the Kingdom Calendar, and is instead akin to a holiday party where our Barony and Stronghold celebrate together. The event typically features a Pot Luck dinner, children’s activities, dancing, a gift exchange, and Land Court where folks donate to charities or donate largess to the barony.

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