Events For the Day – How do we begin ! The new normal and What to bring

Eventing will begin soon and everything has changed – In this new beginning we will need to be covid aware, social distancing, and out doors:

Lets start with the basics :
Be aware that none of this is a hard and fast “have too” these are written as an example to help you create your own lists, to make your day as easy and stressless as possible – the object is to have fun ! Also more information can be located on this website under FAQ’s

*For traveling to day tripping events – you can choose to wear your garb , part of it, or none of it – however just be aware some sites may not have legitimate areas to completely change in. So a dressed down version of your garb , that can be completed standing at the back of your auto is a good choice.
A garb set that makes an attempt at pre-1600s outfit – please note that depending on the weather forecast you will need to ensure that you have a change if needed , and wear layers if the temp should fluctuate to the extreme – hot or cold – windy or not- always be prepared –
you can contact the Hospitaler to borrow garb for your first event – or ask anyone we will all guide you .
Outdoor Gear
*A chair or blanket to sit on, avoid overtly modern designs/logos/materials, a piece of tablecloth or something to throw over the top of overtly mundane pieces works well for a starter .
*A table or 2 depending on the size
*Bug spray
*A hat, avoid modern styles like baseball caps, cowboy hats, etc ..
Straw garden hats work well. This is also something you can often borrow, don’t be afraid to ask.
*An awning or umbrella since there is no camping and you may need shade – possibly set up with a friend and “pod” the event.
Feast Gear: Meals will be a personal and private dine only – so bring your groups food and gear – for your camp station –
*plate, bowl, cup, utensils is usually sufficient
avoid overly modern colors, designs, or materials
Food and Drinks
*Ice chest – with a cover, can use as a table as well .
*Bring enough food to last the day for yourself and your family , there will not be sharing allowed. Don’t forget fruits and snacks .
*Bring food that requires no heat, ie.. Breads, fruits, cheeses, lunch meats . A small grill may be possible depending on the location of the event, do your homework and make sure its allowed before you bring it and light it up !
*Be sure to bring enough water to stay hydrated in hot, cold, and windy situations, the amount needed will depend on if there are fighters in your group and the individual needs of your group/self.
*Plan ahead – be aware there will not be others sharing or bringing anything to cover your needs. And it is no fun being at a one day event and having to spend half your day finding shopping locations off site.
*A large basin, towels, and bottle of water (2-3 gallons to wash hands periodically in – as well as clean dishes.
*Hand sanitizer
*Masks disposable or cloth made. Several.
*A medium sized basket – with a trash liner for trash – the foldable net laundry baskets work great for this and fold flat for the car ride .
Medical Supplies
*medicines (bring slightly more than to last the event)
*contact the event steward if you need to have refrigerated items
*contact the event steward if you will need access to electricity
*bring a list of medications you are on and medical conditions in the event of an emergency
*First aid kit – including cleaning items, bandaids , finger cots, etc..
Other things people bring
*Arts and Sciences Materials – to work on, enter into competitions, to display
*Combat Equipment
*Archery/Thrown Weapons Equipment
*Banners, decorations, or other items used to create a more “period” day encampment
*Largesse – to give as prizes and special mementos to those that impress you !
*Solar charger for phones and laptops (if you are connecting people virtually to the event)
*Basket of things to work on as you sit and watch the day unfold – anything from needle work, bead work, weaving, leather working.. etc..

I like to have my lists printed out and laminated so that I can place them on the top off my bins (I use the plastic home depot variety) That way packing and storing are always just a check mark away from being completed – when we return home we wash and repack everything and try to stay as prepared as possible to pick up and travel to another fun adventure !

Stayed tuned for our next installments of

Event Camping for the Weekend
Camping at War for the Week or longer !

Looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces !

Sigrún de Birca