DEI Focus: Trans 101 for the SCA

As modern society becomes more open and accepting, transgender individuals are becoming more visible in their representation both in and out of the SCA. Topics cpvered included history, etiquette, basic definitions for the community, and an open forum for questions. for those attending. Better known as Samii, Samson has been in the SCA since late 2013 and is the first transgender member of landed nobility in the Middle Kingdom. When he’s not doing research on the untold stories of Trans and Gender Non-Conforming historical figures, he participates in a variety of activities in the SCA. Outside of the SCA, he’s often found with a camera in hand or possibly in a kitchen creating tasty treats.

The views and opinions expressed by the class participants are their current opinions and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SCA Inc. No participant is assumed to represent any community at large. They are speaking to their personal experiences, research, and opinions only.

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