DEI Focus: Invisible Illnesses

Join us for a DEI topic focus round table discussing Invisible Disabilities and the SCA. Panelists include:

  • Honorable Lady Castellana de Andalucia (they/them or she/her), Kingdom of Ansteorra
  • Signorina Niccolina the Wanderer (she/ her), Kingdom of Atlantia
  • Maestra Giada Alberti, Kingdom of An Tir
  • Sir Donas (he/him), Kingdom of the Midrealm
  • Lord Owyn De Wolfe (he/they), Kingdom of Atlantia
  • Viscount Njal Tjorkilsson, KSCA (he/him) An TirFacilitated by: Signora Olivia Trivisana (she/her), Atlantia

Content warning: Language and potentially topics of a sexual nature
Panel/interview/class disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by panel/interview/class participants are their current opinions and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SCA Inc. No participant is assumed to represent any community at large. They are speaking to their personal experiences, research, and opinions only.