DEI Focus: Impact vs. Intent, A Class

Have you ever been in a situation where your intent has been misunderstood? Or you’ve been impacted by words or deeds that seemed dismissive due to different intent? This class will unpack the important relationship between intent and impact, the pros and cons to understanding each, how it applies to the SCA, and what can be done to aid in better understanding and showing empathy with one another.

About THL Sabine Crespelle:
HL Sabine Crespelle is Artemisia’s Kingdom DEI Officer. She has been playing in the SCA for over a decade, and loves being a proponent for a safer and more welcoming society. Mundanely, she is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and frequently teaches about the nuances of Intent v. Impact in conflict resolution. Recorded September 30, 2020

Class disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by class participants are their current opinions and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SCA Inc. No participant is assumed to represent any community at large. They are speaking to their personal experiences, research, and opinions only.

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