Craft Night Monday 8/7: Pennsic Pity Party Edition

Greetings, Bryn Gwlad! kolfinna is off at Pennsic learning dozens of new crafts, which means we need to make room for an influx of new crafting materials! Come out to craft night and help me clear space.

Several months ago I procured a bunch of duck cloth and synthetic stuff that I think could make great painted banners and pennants, so I am going to pull it out and have tables set up for people to work on their own banners or any other projects they have in mind. If you have acrylic or fabric paints please feel free to bring yours, especially if you are willing to share as I have a limited quantity. Projects can be personal or for the barony, but the fabric is free to any intrepid crafter who shows up and starts one tomorrow night.

To take the edge off of the Pennsic FOMO, I am going to have Netflix’s The King playing in the background. If you are like me and not too nit-picky about costuming come enjoy a retelling of Henry the V. If you are nit-picky about costuming come watch and you can have an audience to rant to once the movie is over.

People are welcome to arrive starting at 6pm. details can be found on the baronial calendar

(disclaimer that movie showing will be off of a private Netflix account in a non-commercial setting)