Covid 19 Update for the Barony

Greetings, populace and friends of Bryn Gwlad!

I am writing you to provide an update on the state of activities within the barony and our plans locally for when we will resume in-person activities. Currently, Bryn Gwlad just entered our second week at phase 1 on the Ansteorran Martialate Practices Reopen Plan. The officers of Bryn Gwlad met this week and have decide to use the following criteria as a baseline of when our local group can resume in-person activities.

  • Stage 3 of Austin Public Health’s Covid-19 Risk-Based Guidelines (currently Stage 4)
  • “Green light status” for both of the Ansteorran Reopening plan criteria (only one required by kingdom)
    • 14 day average of total cases is a downward trend (currently green)
    • 14 day average of positive cases as a percentage of population for the Barony is <.02% (currently red)

Bryn Gwlad does not meet these criteria and so will not resume in-person activities at this time.

Once these requirements have been met, the officers will reconvene to decide how quickly to resume in person activities. This is to provide a buffer period in which the criteria can maintain their downward trend. Factors that will be considered in how long that buffer period will be are things like how consistent the reduction in cases has been and how long Austin-Travis County has been in Stage 3 or lower.

Currently, all A&S activities are only allowed via appeal to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences ( Once Bryn Gwlad’s local reopening criteria are met, we encourage all guilds to coordinate with myself and our local minister of Arts and Sciences if they are interested in holding local A&S activities.

To ensure all members of the populace have an opportunity to have their voices heard, I have created a survey through which you can provide your feedback on the reopening plan and the decision making process. Please let us know your thoughts!

The officers all dearly miss the populace of the barony and our SCA activities, but we do not want to rush back into in-person activities without taking local conditions into account. We will continue to monitor the local situation and to the best of our abilities keep the interests of the populace in mind. Until we meet again in person, stay safe, stay awesome, and wear your mask!

In joyful service,
Don Orazio d’Assisi
MKA Ricky Fink
Seneschal, Bryn Gwlad Chapter of the SCA