7-11-21 Archery is on

We’ll be having our regular Sunday SCA archery practice at 1pm at the YMCA Twin Lakes in Cedar Park. I’m still a little tired from being out yesterday for Crown Tournament, so practice will be shorter than usual – 1pm – 3pm. -Lady Johanna BuchananMKA Jonaya GustafsonBryn Gwlad Archery Marshal

Archery is on for 6/27/21!

Archery practice will be held from 1-4pm at the Twin Lakes YMCA in Cedar Park. Please note the following restrictions: -Masks are required.-There will be no communal water bearing or loaner equipment available.-Minors are allowed if vaccinated. -Lady Johanna BuchananMKA Jonaya GustafsonBryn Gwlad Archery Marshal

Archery is on for 6/20/21!

We will be having archery practice from 1-4 pm at the Twin Lakes YMCA. Please note the following conditions are still in place: -Masks are still required by the SCA until 7/1.-There will be no loaner gear available or communal water bearing.-Minors ARE allowed to shoot, provided they are fully vaccinated, bring their own equipment, … Read more

Archery is on for 6/13/21

Archery will be happening from 1 – 4pm at the YMCA Twin Lakes in Cedar Park. Please remember that masks are required, participants must bring their own water, loaner gear will not be provided, and minors are not allowed at this time. -Laird/Lady Johanna BuchananMKA Jonaya GustafsonBryn Gwlad Archery Marshal

Archery CANCELLED 6/6/21

Due to a conflict with the Royal Huntsman event up in OK, archery practice will not be held on 6/6/2021. -Johanna Buchanan (MKA Jonaya Gustafson)Bryn Gwlad Archery Marshal

Archery is ON for 5/30/21!

Looks like the weather is holding up, so I’m looking forward to seeing folks out for our weekly SCA archery practice from 1 – 4pm at the YMCA Twin Lakes! Please be mindful that we are still operating under some restrictions: -No minors will be allowed at this time.-Loaner gear will not be available.-Face masks … Read more

5-23-21 Archery is CANCELLED

Archers of Bryn Gwlad, Looks like we’ve got more rain, soggy ground, and possible thunderstorms later in the day – as such, archery will be cancelled for the day. Hopefully next week cooperates a bit more! -Johanna Buchanan(MKA Jonaya Gustafson)BG Archery Marshal

5-16-21 Archery is CANCELLED

Due to inclement weather and poor range conditions we won’t be having archery practice today. Look forward to seeing everyone next week! -Johanna Buchanan(MKA Jonaya Gustafson)Bryn Gwlad Archery Marshal

Archery is ON for 5/9/21!

We will be having archery practice from 1-4 pm at the YMCA Twin Lakes in Cedar park. Please note the following restrictions: -Masks are required-There will be no loaner gear or communal water bearing-Please no children in attendance -Laird Johanna Buchanan, BG Archery Marshal Check the calendar for details and directions.

What’s happening this week in Bryn Gwlad?

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Join us for virtual and in-person activities in Bryn Gwlad this week!Tuesday is our busiest night. 7PM – Tuesday 4 May 2021 – Virtual Populace Hangout in Discord 7PM – Tuesday 4 May 2021 – In-Person Rapier Practice at Beverly Sheffield Park Restrictions apply. Read the in-person activity status page or the calendar description for … Read more

Archery Practice Re-opening

We will be re-opening archery practice on 5/9/21, from 1pm – 4pm. Please note the following guidelines: -Participants must wear a mask or other equivalent face covering that covers the nose and mouth.-There is no communal water-bearing available – all participants should provide their own water.-Youth are not allowed at practice at this time.-Loaner equipment … Read more

Update: Adult, outdoor, martial practices can resume (with restrictions)

The Ansteorran Earl Marshal has released new guidance for adult, outdoor martial activities. “Effective May 1st all adult martial practices resume with alignment to Society event restrictions” Ansteorra Martial Reopening Guidance The Bryn Gwlad In-Person Activity Status page has been updated Future updates will follow once we know if/how this impacts the current Kingdom A&S … Read more

Archery Practice on Hold

Unfortunately, we have been downgraded to Phase 1 by Kingdom, so we will not be resuming practice at this time. If things change, I will update every accordingly. -Laird Johanna Buchanan (MKA Jonaya Gustafson), Bryn Gwlad Archery Marshal

Archery Practice Resuming

Attention, Archers of Bryn Gwlad, Starting this coming Sunday (4/18) we will be resuming archery practices at the YMCA Twin Lakes range from 1pm – 4pm. As we are in phase 2 of the martial re-opening plan, please remember to adhere to the appropriate guidelines: -Absolutely no minors will be allowed.-No more than 10 archers.-6 … Read more

At-Home Archery Drills!

For all the archers that don’t have a range to visit or cannot shoot safely at home. Here are some exercises to help us maintain or build our strength. Stay safe and healthy. Looking forward to when we can all shoot together again. Practice will remain on hiatus until we receive word that it is safe to gather for shooting. Miss seeing all of you.

At-Home Archery Drills, courtesy of World Archery

Lady Maria Donald of Windmasters Hill
Bryn Gwlad Archery Marshal

An Archer’s Journey

Years ago, I was invited to attend Pennsic War by a friend of a friend who was a vendor.  This was my first introduction to the Society.  It was the equivalent of drinking from the firehose.  After a week of that craziness, I was overwhelmed, but I wanted to know more.  I’d always been a fan of the Renaissance Fairs, and thought that this was just an extension of that.  I was pleased to find that it was… and wasn’t!

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