Candlemas Needs You! Come hear about recent developments!

Greetings Bryn Gwlad!

We had over 30 respondents for our Candlemas survey, one of our better survey responses ever. Some of the major takeaways from the survey:
– The populace is not in favor of having an expansion of martial activities at Candlemas
– A Majority of respondents want to participate in dance classes and/or a ball including two people interested in running those activities
– There is a strong interest in having both a high level A&S competition as well as an entry level/themed competition
– There is more desire for classes than an A&S solar, but both had over 50% support
– Over 2/3 of respondents are interested in participating in a BYO feast
– 2 respondents are interested in running the event, 7 are interested in being key staff, 9 are interested in helping a significant amount, 6 can help a little. I look forward to seeing at least 9 of you at our next planning meeting! 😉
Lots of great takeaways here that we can use to fuel our decisions going forward. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

At our last planning meeting we listed out all the possible staff positions that someone could fill based on the priorities outlined by the survey. Interested in any of these areas? Reach out to the seneschal’s office (me) or attend our Monday planning meetings to grab your chosen position.
Event steward
Sanitation/Set Up/Tear Down
Decoration (speed decoration)
Gate: Elizabeth
A&S class coordinator
A&S Solar coordinator
C&T MIC & or tournament runner
Prize basket & or scroll coordinator
Dance coordinator
Music coordinator

Kitchen Steward & or food truck coordinator
A&S competition coordinator
(Royal Liaison)
Baronial HoE
Bardic coordinator
Brewing competition coordinator
Gaming coordinator: Sophie Federspiel
Publicity coordinator
Herald coordinator: Liam Seamus McSweeney
Virtual coordinator

Lastly, we had a phenomenal theme idea mentioned during our last planning meeting: A authority reversal event styled around The Feast of Fools or Germanic Schembart Carnival. Much fun can be held with this theme, but we need your help to bring it to life! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you this upcoming Monday at the planning meeting.

Yours in Service,
Orazio d’Assisi