Candlemas bids, reopen status, and open officer positions

Greetings, Bryn Gwlad!

A few things to cover:

First: Candlemas Bids
thank you to everyone who completed the poll on what kind of bids the Barony wants to accept for Candlemas. The votes are in and by a slim margin the most popular option was to accept both virtual and in-person bids. If anyone has any questions or is interested in running an event but doesn’t know where to start please reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to help you work on a bid.

–In person event21.74%54.35%121.74%530.43%721.74%5 23 3.26
–Both in person and virtual event17.39%48.70%28.70%230.43%734.78%8 23 3.57
–Virtual event4.35%121.74%521.74%526.09%626.09%6 23 3.48
–Do not hold an event61.90%139.52%223.81%50.00%04.76%1 21 1.76

Second: The Baronial reopening plan
I received clarification from kingdom on whether there is an appeals process for the reopen plan. There is and it runs through the seneschal chain since the Barony-wide reopen plan is under the auspices of the seneschal’s office. Having received that confirmation, I polled the officers of the relevant activities (the marshals and the minister of arts and sciences) and by a 3-2 vote we chose to maintain the baronial reopening plan as it stands now. Anyone who wishes to appeal the baronial reopening plan should reach out to the southern regional seneschal, Mistress Biatrichi, at

Finally: Quartermaster office is open for applications
Lady Judith de Saint Clare has informed me she would like to step down from her position as quartermaster. Let me be the first to thank her for her years of service to the barony, both as seneschal and quartermaster! I am officially announcing the office open for application. Please send any applications to myself and cc the Exchequer, Baron, and Baroness.

In Service,

Don Orazio d’Assisi

Bryn Gwlad Seneschal