Candlemas 2021 Class Schedule and Links

Complete Schedule

TimeInstructorRoom ARoom B
ModeratorSigrün de BîrcaWilloc mac Muiredaig
10:00 AMEscarlata Leticia Itzel de GranadaEating your Grief: A facetious fact finding of funerary feasting—no class—
11:00 AMAnne von Wiese—no class—Attaching and Styling Hat Feathers: Demo
1:00 PMMagistra Osanna van der Linden (A)
Maelgwyn Dda(B)
Burgundy gone Dutch: Painting and Illumination in
Burgundy in the 1490’s
Hide scudding demo!
2:00 PMLady Nicaize Maupetit—no class—Virtual Tasting Class – For tasting kit, 21+. Watching any age.
3:00 PM Lady Kolfinna in kyrra OttarsdottirIntroduction to Viking Wire Weaving: Demo/Craft-along—no class—

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Class Details

  • 10-11~ Eating your Grief: A facetious fact finding of funerary feasting!
  • 11-12 ~ Attaching and styling Hat feathers Demo
    • Learn how to attach feathers to hats and how to style them using several methods. No class items required – Handout link will be posted in class
  • 1 – 1:30 ~ Hide Scudding Demo!
    • Maelgwyn Dda, Zoom Classroom B
    • Join Maelgwyn as he demonstrates scudding a hide! Scudding is the process of cleaning a hide prior to turning it into leather or parchment.
  • 1-2 ~ Burgundy gone Dutch; Painting illumination in Burgundy in the 1490’s
    • If they chose to work along with class, participants must trace the line drawing of the capital onto watercolor paper before the class starts and must have their own paint, brushes, water.
  • 2-3 ~ Virtual Tasting Class – For tasting kit, 21+. Watching any age.
    • Arrange with Nicaize for tasting kit (All spots are filled, but there is a waitlist!)
    • Drinks will be (tentative):
      • Cherries Vishnick (Nicaize)
      • 2 Infused Gins (Master Alden)
      • Blackberry Cordial (Lady Sigrun de Birca)
      • Quarantine Cider (Duke Hrafn Olafsson)
      • Maple Magic (Lord Edward)
      • Bad Countess (fruit cordial) (Lady Kalista)
      • Date Mead (Honorable LadySosha R. Ruark)
    • If you are interested in attending the class but not drinking, join the zoom to watch & listen!
  • 3-4 ~ Introduction to Viking Wire Weaving
    • No fee to attend; No materials needed to attend.
    • Participants may purchase a kit (wire, wire cutters, dowel, pull board) for $8. You will need to contact Kolfinna using this form to set up pick up and pmt for kit.