Business Meeting Recap and Candlemas Survey

Greetings Barony!

A couple of key pieces of information I want to make sure everyone sees from our September business meeting:

– We are voting electronically on what type of bids we want to accept for Candlemas: virtual, in person, both, or neither. Please use the below link to vote! Since this took me an extra day to publish to the Barony I will publish the results of this survey Wednesday, October the 7th, not Tuesday the 6th as I stated in the business meeting.

– Come participate in our virtual fall event this weekend!

– We will be accepting Yule 2021 bids at the November business meeting

– We had great roundtable discussion on the current Baronial reopening plan following the business meeting. Here were key takeaways:
My steps going forward:
1) Receive clarification from kingdom that our reopen plan is within the appeals pipeline – if no, I will be removing my sanction for the reopen plan – if yes, proceed to…
2) Poll the officers on maintaining our current plan or not, majority vote passes
3) If the officers vote not to maintain our current plan meet to see if we will amend it or ditch it
4) if a baronial plan is maintained, establish a bi-weekly poll of the populace concerning the baronial reopening plan. If a majority of the populace who vote on the poll vote to ditch it we revert to the Kingdom plan.

– Another key takeaway from that meeting was a desire to see us really focus on finding more ways of creating hybrid in person/virtual events to get the barony reengaged while we are still under some amount of Covid restrictions. Once the event wraps up this weekend I will announce a date for a workshopping more ideas.

Hope everyone is having a great week and see you this weekend!
Orazio d’Assisi
Bryn Gwlad Seneschal