Business Meeting Poll – please respond

There has been discussion as to if we would like to move back to a hybrid approach for our business meetings, where we have an in person gathering in additional to the virtual meeting. There is strong preference to continue having them available virtually, but we are also open to the idea of having an in-person option to watch and participate in the Zoom as part of a group.

I would like to gauge the interest in having this in-person option, as well as look for people who are willing to host the in-person gathering. Hosting would involve arranging a location (restaurant, public meeting room, or private residence) and arranging the technology required to broadcast the Zoom call.

And finally, I would like any feedback regarding what would make the Business Meetings more useful to you as a populace and what would inspire more people to attend and participate in the running on our barony.

Please fill out this brief survey and feel free to talk to me anytime if you have ideas or questions about the Business aspects of the Barony.

As always, in service to Crown, Kingdom, and Barony,


5 thoughts on “Business Meeting Poll – please respond”

    • Even new members are more than welcome to come if they would like! It’s a great way to see the nuts and bolts and get to know people in the barony.

  1. My apologies – there was an issue when I first put up the survey. I *think* I have fixed it now. But I’ll also read comments here or in response to the facebook post. Sorry!

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