Business Meeting Agenda and Event Bid Updates

Greeting Bryn Gwlad,

I know we announced that we were going to review event bids tonight at the business meeting, but due to some issues that arose with some bids, we are updating the bid process as follows:

05/01 – Bids are due to the financial committee
please submit to the Seneschal, B&B, and the Exchequer. We will share with the rest of the financial committee and provide any feedback to the submitters or approval to the submitters so they are set for the populace bid review.
05/09 – We will have an off-cycle meeting specifically to review the bid proposals and select our autocrat for the fall event.

“But Orazio, if we aren’t reviewing bids tonight, what are we doing at business meeting??”
That is an excellent question, random populace member! Tonight we will be discussing site selection separate from the bid process for both our fall ’22 baronial AND our ’23 baronial. The selection of a site and getting it on the calendar has been a stumbling block for us getting the fall baronial set up since BG had to move away from Castleton as our primary event site. That plus the announcement of several new officers will be our focus tonight.

See you at 7pm!
BG Seneschal (for the next 6 hours)