BG Goes To Queen’s and Warlord! We Want You There!

Greetings from kolfinna inn kyrra!

There are two weekend events upcoming that we would love to see you at — YES YOU! Barone Orazio and I will be hosting a pavillion at two upcoming events. This pavilion will be welcome to anyone in our lands and any friends of our populace.

  1. Queen’s Champion – May 11th, New Berlin, TX
    • We are hosting a pavilion around the tournament fields. We will have shade, rugs, space for chairs, snacks, water, and other hospitality items available.
    • Join us to watch the tournament, socialize, and enjoy the day.
    • This space is inclusive and we especially welcome newcomers — bring your questions!
  2. Steppes Warlord, May 24-27th, Canton, TX
    • We are hosting a baronial encampment at Steppes Warlord
    • We plan to organize a camping area with common space, kitchen & hospitality items, coffee, breakfast items, and dinners, as well as a pavilion near the fighting fields similar to the Queen’s Champion one above.
    • If you are interested in camping with the Barony please sign up via THIS FORM. This will help us plan out meals, account for allergies and dietary restrictions, and stake out land as needed when we arrive.
    • Our camp is inclusive and open to newcomers.
    • Warlord will be here before you know it, sign up now!

Please reach out to HE Orazio and me with any and all questions – &
With joy,
Hersirkona kolfinna inn kyrra