The Webminister is responsible for the web properties (this site!) and calendar associated with the barony (webminister’s google calendar)!

Contact the Webminister: webminister@bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org

There are two main reasons we maintain, and want to continue to maintain, a reliable, dynamic website:

  1. To serve the needs of our local branch
  2. To inform, educate, and communicate with the populace

While electronic lists, social media platforms, and other mediums are extremely valuable to disseminate information to a large group of people in a timely manner. Not everyone has access to other platforms, nor does everyone wish to have access to other platforms. The website serves as a central platform that everyone can access regardless of whether or not they have accounts.

Make regular updates to the Bryn Gwlad website

  • The website is a dynamic, constantly improving project
  • Information often benefits from a read-through, reorganization, or rework
  • Forms sometimes need to be updated or fixed
  • New pages need to be created, pages sometimes can be combined, or menus reogranized
  • A good practice is to set aside a small amount of time every week to review a few pages of the website. Doing this will ensure that you review all pages every month or two

Monitor pages and posts for policy compliance

Maintain the Bryn Gwlad Calendar and Meetup

  • Update, add, and remove activities as necessary
  • Drafts are automatically created in the Meetup for you
  • Encourage members to use the forms on the website to submit information so you can have a single place to look for update requests

Monitor the cross-platform integrations in Zapier associated with the webmin email (log into Zapier via Gmail)

  • Website -> Email List
  • Website -> Facebook Group (Log into Facebook using password)
  • Website -> Discord
  • Calendar -> Meetup
  • Calendar -> Facebook Page

Provide timely responses to inquiries and communications

  • Aim for acknowledgement within 24-48 hrs and action/plan of action soon after

Other duties and special projects that may be assigned or requested by the populace or other officers

Make it easy for people to….

  • Find information about local activities
  • Find information about local guilds or groups
  • Know who to contact if they have questions
  • Find ways to get involved

Pages should be used for…

  • Information that will not change
  • Collecting information related to a specific topic (FAQ, officers, events, etc)

Posts are best for….

  • Short term information (activity updates, sharing educational resources, announcements, etc)
  • Editorial content

se embeds and links for photos and media, rather than uploading it to the site.
Use simple, easy-to-understand language.
Create easy-to-read, uncluttered pages.

  • Too much information on page or section obscures the page’s true message

Using abbreviations or SCA terminology?

  • Define it
  • Link to the Jargon Page
  • Link to another page that explains the term
  • Keep in mind that the web site may be the first point of contact for people otherwise unfamiliar with the SCA and its specialized vocabulary

Keep Pages as Uniform as Possible.
Avoid drastic visual changes, flashing text, small fonts, etc.
Spell-check and grammar check all content
Check links regularly and fix broken ones.

When in doubt, reach out to the Kingdom Webminister.

Are you an officer, deputy, committee member, or guild leader?

  • Consider adding content to your officer page — educational info, links to resources, information about getting started
  • Make posts about upcoming activities or useful resources
  • If you don’t want to do it personally, nominate a deputy or representative who can work on it for you, OR Contact the Webminister

Are you a member of the populace who has resources, updates, or other SCA or educational info you’d like to see added?

  • Reach out to the Webminister or your local officer!
  • We can make posts, edit pages, and make sure that the information you want to see on the website gets in the right place

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Webminister to volunteer!

  • Domain
  • Group pages/Group sites
    • Web sites or pages for a specific group in a Kingdom, Orders and recognized Guilds
  • Host or Hosting
    • The company that is maintaining the servers on which web pages are stored
    • The Bryn Gwlad Website is hosted by WordPress
  • Main page
    • The index page or the first page that people see when visiting a web site. This does not include splash pages
  • Official site/page
    • A web site recognized as the web site for that branch, group or office (recognized by the Kingdom or local branch)
  • Splash page
    • A greetings page. Sometimes these include animations or a choice of options to select what kind of detail a user would like to see on the web site
  • Web page
    • One page of web code
  • Web site
    • A collection of web pages gathered together to represent an idea or theme