Minister of Children: APPLY NOW!

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The Minister of Children oversees all child and youth activities. This includes but is not limited to youth combat, youth activities at events, encouraging youth participation in local activites, and more!
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No events currently scheduled. But, don't worry. We'll add more soon!

These rules are specifically for local (non-event) A&S classes for SCA participants (not demonstrations for the general public). Other rules may also apply. These only pertain to in-person meetings.

No one is required to attend a class or meeting if they feel uncomfortable. No one should attend a class or meeting if they feel unwell. If anyone is bullied or harassed for their attendance or non-attendance at ANY SCA event, class, meeting, or practice – please report it immediately, because it will NOT be tolerated.

1. Private homes may set stricter rules for persons coming into their home – these meetings will be designated as unofficial non SCA meetings. 

2. Official Group Gatherings Can be done in person and advertised as Official SCA functions. 

3. Gatherings that fall under this guidance should have a specific A&S focus – not “gab sessions”. Other gatherings are not under the purview of the MoAS – Populace meetings, etc. 

4. Masks that cover the mouth and nose are allowed for personal choice and not required. Those wishing to wear masks will not be subject to any repercussions for making this choice ! 

5. For any group meetings drinks are to be distributed in single serve containers and not shared pourings’. Foods as well need to be limited to single taste and not from an open taste all bowl. 

All rules on gathering as well as food and beverage sharing are updated and follow the Kingdoms rules at