Knight Marshal

Shields, swords, spears, melees! Take the field with knights and prove your mettle!

The Bryn Gwlad Knight Marshal is responsible for maintaining safety at all chivalric (heavy armor) combat events and practices as well as maintaining the Baronial Loaner Gear and Equipment.

Knight Marshal

  • Badge
  • Current
    • Centurion Alfrikr Hamarskald
  • Deputies
    • Centurion Giovanni Rocco
  • Email
    • marshal at
  • Term End

Chivalric Combat Reopen Status

Last updated: 16 Apr 2021

Things you must do for each practice you plan to attend:

We will not tolerate bullying, disparagement, or pressuring of individuals
for attending or for not attending in-person activities. If you receive pressure, overt or implied, from anyone related to activities, please ask that person to contact the seneschal and inform the seneschal immediately

No events currently scheduled. But, don't worry. We'll add more soon!

Bryn Gwlad hosts numerous opportunities for learning and practicing chivalric combat!

Details to be added soon!

Starting Equipment (to be added)

What is a “kit”? (to be added)