Halberd Pursuivant (Herald)

The Halberd Pursuivant (pronounced “purr-swee-vent”, also known as the Herald) is responsible for cataloging and registering all society names and devices and often serves as the voice herald or heraldic coordinator for Bryn Gwlad events and activities.

Contact the Halberd Pursuivant (Herald): herald@bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org

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Check out this article by Heather Rose Jones

An excellent article explaining, with examples, how to document a name for SCA registration.
Note that the article was first written in 1993, when we didn’t know as much about certain
specific names as we do now, so some of the examples make claims and draw conclusions
about specific names that, while correct to the best of the SCA’s collective knowledge in 1993,
we now know to be flawed. However, the general principles of name documentation explained
and illustrated in the article remain sound. (All of which is to say, this is an excellent article
about the process of documenting names, but not a good article to use for specific evidence
for a specific name.)

If you’ve never seen or done any work with heraldry before, check out the SCA Heraldic Primer! It’s a great introduction to heraldy, terminology, and might give you ideas about your own heraldry!

Some people have one persona, some people have 5! Need a place to begin? Check out these for facebook posts with priming questions to help you think through your own persona.

Expectant Time table

Babies and heraldic submissions take about 9 months…

  1. It has to go on your kingdoms internal letter, then there’s time for commentary. (for 1 Month)
  2. Your kingdom herald has a meeting where they look at the submissions and commentary and decide if the submissions meet the rules. (for 1 month)
  3. Assuming no fatal problems were encountered, the submission goes to external commentary where more commentary happens from a wider group of folks, and there’s time for that. (for 3 months)
  4. The next step are meetings with Pelican, Wreath, and Laurel and their staffs. They double-check to make sure rules were followed, that any authenticity requests have been taken into account and such. They decide whether the submission passes or must be returned. (for 1 month)
  5. BUT we’re not done yet! Someone has to type up all that stuff. (for 1 month )
  6. AND then the draft has to go around for proofreading. (for 1 month)
  7. And FINALLY it gets published on the LOAR. (final month usually equals 9 months , any problems and corrections add time )

(courtesy of Christine Leigh Ward-Wieland)
(timetable in red added by Sigrun de Birca)

Check the status of your name of device in OSCAR using this search form:

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