Baron & Baroness

Barone of Bryn GwladHersirkona of Bryn Gwlad
Orazio d’Assisikolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir

We have the honor of being able to give awards for Bryn Gwlad and Hellsgate.
We keep our eyes and ears open to see the arts, sciences, skills, and service of the populace, but we cannot be everywhere, and you see more than we do.
Please take a moment to submit award recommendations or wordfame!
Use the officer contact form to reach out to the Barone, Hersirkona, or both.

What is “Entourage”?

“Entourage” is a person or group of people attending to one or both of Their Excellencies. During many events, Their Excellencies must be present to judge competitions, hold court, attend meetings, and fulfill other duties that keep them tied to a specific place or activity. Entourage helps Their Excellencies by helping run messages, hold mugs, and keep Them on schedule throughout the day. When you’re not doing those things during a shift, you get to hang out, ask questions, get to know Their Excellencies, and meet all sorts of cool people.

General Entourage Responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring B&B have things they need (drinks, gifts to be handing out, parasol, chair, etc)
  2. Ensuring B&B have their hands free (carry things given to the B&B, move chairs or find someone to move them, etc)
  3. Fetch Personal items, Personal food, drinks, fighting gear, etc
  4. When the B&B have to go to the restroom, accompany them and stand outside to hold the Coronets or other items as needed.
  5. Run messages, and be attentive, if you see them searching or looking like they need assistance – that’s YOU.

For court:

  1. Helping them get ready / dressed if needed
  2. Know where the back of court items are (court box, prize baskets, etc)
  3. Fetch Personal item, Personal food, drinks, notebook etc.
  4. Help ensure that the B&B have largess to hand out, ask what is being given for which action i.e. Newcomers, children, etc. This is done in coordination with the B&B
  5. Write things down using the notepads in the entourage bags.
    • Who gave them what gift? Write it down.
    • Someone came by and wanted them to contact someone about something – write it down.
    • Hand to B&B to write things down themselves or make notes as things happen. B&B can review the notes at the end of the day.

If you are attending near feast times:

  1. Ask the B&B what type of assistance they will need during feast
  2. Help set up table with feast gear, table clothes, table decoration, etc
  3. After, also make sure everything makes it back into the baronial supplies & make it obvious what needs to be cleaned.

This letter is our commitment that we are prepared to take up the duties and responsibilities as laid out in Corpora and Kingdom Law.

Our experience and qualifications to fill this role are many. Our modern world and SCA experiences allows us to be firmly seated to absorb the administrative, emotional, and financial responsibilities associated with this position. In the modern world, kolfinna holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mathematics as well as multiple professional certifications in Scrum, Software Testing, and Cloud Security. She has been consistently successful in her career and has experience in public education, technical government work, and private sector engineering, including a special skill in identifying and iteratively remediating pain points within processes and tools. In parallel throughout her career she has also kept up the practice of teaching, creating training materials, and improving onboarding for highly technical roles. Orazio is former army infantry officer and has spent over a decade in project management and operations within the defense, logistics, and telecommunications industries. Most recently he has worked as a senior program management consultant for T-Mobile. This experience has refined his skills in strategic planning, process improvement, communication, conflict resolution, and risk management.

Within the SCA, we have both been active since August 2008. We have each volunteered our time and skills in a range of service – from making largess to teaching classes, holding officer positions to helping with setup and tear down at events, mentoring newcomers to hosting crafting nights and revels. The combination of Orazio’s strength in communication, organization, and creativity along with kolfinna’s strengths in administration, technical prowess, and enthusiasm for championing new and fun ideas allows us to operate very effectively as a team. We know ourselves and each other well, and we use that to our advantage when it comes to supporting one another to accomplish our goals.

The vision we both share for the future of the SCA, Kingdom, and Bryn Gwlad in particular is informed by the following set of guiding principles

  • Foster Growth
  • Build Community
  • Facilitate Communication
  • Practice Adaptability
  • Prioritize Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Make it easy to focus on Fun

We commit to using these guiding principles to inform these promises and goals that we make to you. We Promise:

● To lead the barony as ceremonial figureheads, chief advocates, cheerleaders, and the voice of the crown in Bryn Gwlad and Hellsgate
● To make the study and recreation of pre 17th century history and life as accessible and inclusive as possible
● To prioritize growth and retention as the primary requirement for the health and long term survival of the SCA
● To always look for a path to “yes” for our populace’s ideas and to never assume previous failure ensures future outcomes
● To encourage and empower our officers as they carry out their responsibilities and to ensure that they are serving the populace as outlined in kingdom law
● To study and honor the work of our predecessors and all that they have built while looking towards and building the future of the society in the greater Austin Area
● To provide consultative advice and active support to the Stronghold of Hellsgate and to support and advocate for any groups and foci of activity within baronial lands, such as the outpost of Bardshal (Bastrop), as they grow and develop
● To encourage sustainable participation by all members and assist those who need it so we all can succeed
● To actively seek out, and graciously accept, the wisdom and advice of others
● To always assume we can do better

We are excited for the joy and challenges that this position offers us, and we commit to supporting our Barony, Stronghold, and all our Lands.