Archery Marshal

Ever wanted to shoot a long bow like Robin Hood? A Mongol bow? Crossbows? Throw spear and knives? Make bows? Strings? Arrows? Well, our archery and thrown weapons activities might be for you!

The Archery Marshal oversees the running of an target archery range for safety and fun.  The marshal will typically have several deputies who oversee large firing lines, provide safety briefings to new members, and instruct archers.

Archery Marshal

  • Officer Badge:
    • Archery Marshal Badge
  • Current Officer:
    • Laird Johanna Buchanan
  • Deputies:
    • Robert the Red
    • Caoimhim mac Tamhas mac Cathal
    • Coel Hen
  • Email:
  • Term End:
    • Sept 2022

Archery and Thrown Weapons Status

Last updated: 16 Apr 2021

Things you must do for each practice you plan to attend:

We will not tolerate bullying, disparagement, or pressuring of individuals
for attending or for not attending in-person activities. If you receive pressure, overt or implied, from anyone related to activities, please ask that person to contact the seneschal and inform the seneschal immediately

Archery and Thrown Weapons practices happen most Sundays and are free for all and open to the public. No SCA garb is required. Loaner gear is available, but if you have your own you are encouraged to bring it.

No events currently scheduled. But, don't worry. We'll add more soon!

When we have in-person practices, they are typically held at

Twin Lakes Family YMCA
204 E Little Elm Trail
Cedar Park, TX 78613

 If you’re coming up 183 (Research Blvd) from the south:
  • Get off 183 at the Lakeline Mall Road exit. This is the last free exit before the TxTag only toll booth.
  • Take the northbound access road to the third stoplight. This will be Avery Ranch Road.
  • Turn left on Avery Ranch Road under the toll road. DO NOT GO STRAIGHT. This would put you back on the toll road.
  • Immediately turn right onto 183 (not 183A).
  • The entrance to Twin Lakes Park is E. Little Elm Trail, at the first stoplight. Turn right and enter the parking lot in front of the YMCA building.
  • Go to the far corner of the parking lot.
  • Take the small park road along the lake and across the one-lane bridge. Go past the clump of buildings and park in the unpaved parking lot past the last building.
 If you’re coming across Toll Road 45:
  • Take the 183/183A Northbound exit.
  • Immediately get off at Avery Ranch Road (you will miss the TxTag toll booth).
  • Turn left under the toll road. Follow the directions above.
 If you’re coming from Round Rock via 620:
  • Turn right onto the northbound 183/183A access road.
  • The first light is Lakeline Mall Road. Follow the directions above.