Bardshal Midsummer Revel

Greetings Barony ~ these are exciting times and we are actually going LIVE PLAY !!

June 19th 2021 from 10am to 6pm

What a great time to celebrate our friendships and kinships with a day event. We will be able to reacquaint ourselves with our personas, our fighting, and our arts !!

The Barony needs your support and participation ~

There will be a place to display your A&S works – please contact me at if you wish to display some of your works !

There will be fighting fields for Rapier and Chivalric !

The Herald will have a table set up !

And so much more !

Help needed ~ we will have a gate to sign in registered event goers, please sign up using this link

Make sure you are registered on the event page (registration is required per SCA guidelines)

Bring your chairs, your foods and drinks (per SCA guidelines) and share the shade under the pavilions and lets have some fun !!