Award Scroll Needs! Now Available Online!

Greetings to Bryn Gwlad and friends from Hersirkona kolfinna inn kyrra!

I am pleased to announce that it is now easy to answer two questions:

  1. How many painted/finished awards scrolls does BG/HG have in inventory?
  2. How many of what kind do we need?

Many of our generous scribes have approached His Excellency and I to ask us what scrolls the Barony and Stronghold need. And up til now, that wasn’t an easy question for us to answer. Until Today! I’ve taken time to inventory our collection of completed award scrolls and created a simple table that will report what scrolls we have and highlight what we need. We will update this table anytime our scroll count changes. For some of our scrolls, we have two different designs (“early period” and “late period”), so both of those counts are listed separately.

You can check out the table below, or find it on the Bryn Gwlad and Hellsgate Awards Page.

(Note that the Silver Chalice of Bryn Gwlad is not included in the table because that award does not have an associated scroll.)

As ever, let us know when you see people doing good things. We have a Award Rec and Wordfame form that you can use, or you can just send us emails to and

In service to the Dream, the Barony, and the Stronghold,
Hersirkona kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir
Barone Orazio d’Assisi