Award Recommendations: Who did you see during the Spring?

Have you seen someone making great SCA art?
Have you seen someone doing awesome research?
Have you seen someone demonstrating combat skills?
Have you seen someone teaching?
Have you seen someone volunteering to help with things?

Have you seen someone you think should be recognized for what they’re doing in the SCA?

How do I submit someone for a Bryn Gwlad award?

  1. See what they have already: use the BG Award page to search
  2. Submit them for an award: award submission buttons on the BG Award page

How do I know what award to give?

  • Identify what “thing” you want to recognize someone for, and there’s an award that corresponds:
    • Combat: Cross Fleury
    • Service: Golden Martlet
    • Outstanding Service: Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
    • Art: Muse
    • Persona Work: Silver Chalice
    • Youth Contributions: Dragon’s Egg
    • Service in Hellsgate: Keeper of the Flame
    • Combat in Hellsgate: Keeper of the Gate
    • Art in Hellsgate: Keeper of the Crucible

Need help submitting an award recommendation?
Reach out via facebook or discord and ask for assistance.