Artisan & Crafter For the Month of September 

Greetings all, and welcome to our 2022 series, Artisans and Crafters of Bryn Gwlad (and friends).  Monthly we interview populace about what they create, and why they create it or do it ! Now on to the The interview 

This month we are chatting with  Honorable Lord Robin de Chantenay Carrot of Bjornborg. He is an amazing and very talented artisan in our neighboring lands and I am lucky he is one of my friends.  He is a Herald, a Bard, a Composer, a True Artisan. He does so many things with attention to detail and historical perfection. I hope you enjoy his art, as much as I do !  

  1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE SCA ?  I have been in the SCA  for about 4-5 years. 
  2. WHAT IS THE ART FORM YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH US TODAY?  Original musical compositions in late 16th century styles. 
  3. DID YOU START DOING THIS BEFORE YOU CAME TO THE SCA?   Before the SCA, I only composed two pieces of music.  In High school but without instruction or research. 
  5. TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT WHAT THIS ENTAILS, AND THE CREATION ASPECT OF IT.  Composing music of this style is a constant unraveling mystery. As far as I know, there is no book that explains how instrumental music was written. For me, it is a lot of intense analysis and research and then replication with original content. 
  6. HOW WOULD SOMEONE GO ABOUT BEGINNING RESEARCH ON THIS ?  Wow! I would say that if you were interested in learning late period musical composition. Start reading about different forms of late 16th century instrumental music and find recordings of pieces and listen to them with the sheet music transposed for modern musicians if available. 
  7. HOW CAN THIS BE SHOWCASED IN THE SCA WHILE ATTENDING EVENTS AND THINGS?  Easy. It can be displayed by the playing of the pieces as an .mp3 on a loudspeaker at events for ambiance or by musicians willing to learn and play the music. 
  8. IF SOMEONE WANTED TO LEARN, AS A BEGINNER WHAT IS YOUR BEST ADVICE ON STARTING POINT?  1. Learn music theory. 2. Take it slow and 3. find a lot of good sources. 
  9. TELL US A BIT ABOUT THE JOY AND COMMUNITY YOU GET FROM THIS AND MAYBE SHARE SOME THINGS YOU’VE DONE .    One thing that I have joy doing is writing music and dedicating music to people and groups. I have written dedicated pieces for the barony of Bjornsborg and Ravensfort. 

HL Robbin is amazing and Let me say , very humble in His responses ! He is a wonder in our SCA community in the things he finds Joy in, He can be “seen” doing many skills referring to music and heraldry at any given event- 

His recent endeavors include San Japan in San Antonio, He MC’d extraordinarily at the Preforming Arts Symposium Revel, He placed an amazing display at Steppes Artisan 2022, and so many more things (too many to list) He has been referred to as the “Gem of Bjornsborg” and that is absolutely correct ! 

He has a you tube channel with videos to enjoy, take a look

And I will be adding more resources as I get them! 

Thank you so much for your time and willingness to share a little bit of you with us ! Your craft and Artistry in Composition as well as Bardic and Heraldry are the Best , and I know I am always amazed at your works !!   

If you are inspired by his words, his works, or his general exuberance for learning and teaching, please reach out to him, He is extraordinaire in the music and heraldry venues and he will  share his experience with you !

Until next month 


Sigrun Sveinungsdottir iBiarka.   Halberd MoAS