Artisan & Crafter For the Month of JUNE 

Greetings all and welcome to our series , Artisans and Crafters of Bryn Gwlad (and friends).

Monthly we will interview populace about what they create, and why they create it or do it ! 

Now on to the The interview 

This month we are chatting with HL Kassandra de Haas. She is an amazing and very talented artisan in our lands. She does many different things that include Jewelry making, Scribal, Brewing, and more !  I am always amazed by what she does! It will be Fun to see what she is bringing to us today – a peek into what she delights in, Please enjoy ! 

  1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE SCA ?  My very first event was Bordermarch Autumn Melees in 2010 and I’ve been hooked ever since.
  1. WHAT IS THE ART FORM YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH US TODAY? Brewing using modern methods and materials.
  1. DID YOU START DOING THIS BEFORE YOU CAME TO THE SCA?  I did not. Kennari Fionn offered a mead making class back in 2013 that I couldn’t make due to work. I contacted him privately and he offered to teach me in my own home. He walked me through all the steps to make my first mead and it was awesome! 
  1. IF YOU DID THIS PREVIOUS TO THE SCA- DID THIS HELP TO DRAW YOU TO THE SCA? Indirectly. I actually joined the SCA because I was frustrated with World of Warcraft. I was bored spending a bunch of time “learning” skills I wanted to actually learn. A coworker, who also played WOW, told me about the SCA and the next event was BAM, so I went. I was so enthralled with everything! I had gone to the Ren Faires before and wanted more. The SCA was a perfect outlet for my desire to learn. (Sigrun  I cannot tell you how I enjoy this answer – I too play WOW and I was actually drawn to it because I missed the SCA while raising kids and finishing school)  
  1. TELL IS A LITTLE ABOUT WHAT THIS ENTAILS, AND THE CREATION ASPECT OF IT. Brewing is part art, part science. The science is how the yeast converts sugar to alcohol, feeding the yeast, making sure it has everything it needs to yield what you want. The art is the rest of mixing flavors, getting the right balance of each, knowing when to add it, etc. Like cooking, everything you put into a mead/beer/cider, affects the flavor.
  1. HOW WOULD SOMEONE GO ABOUT BEGINNING RESEARCH ON THIS?  Join our mead making classes.  We had one on June 12th ! Join the Bryn Gwlad Brewer’s Guild facebook page for Details for when the next ones happen, and always check the Baronial Website Calendar .
    You could also start with various books such as the Complete Meadmaker by Ken Schramm or any books by Patrick McGovern if you want more historical information.
    Talk to other brewers to get their advice, experiences, etc. Most of us love talking about what we’ve done.
  1. HOW CAN THIS BE SHOWCASED IN THE SCA, WHILE ATTENDING TO EVENTS AND THINGS? Typically brewing can be showcased at Brewing Competitions, tastings, Brewer’s Guild meetings, Event Taverns, and sometimes vigils will have brews available.  Read event details and ASK !

Resources to help: 

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Join our Discord server –

Oh My thank you so much for these wonderful answers and for being so willing to share your passion with us today !! You are amazing and I cannot wait to see what else you come up with for us to learn from !! 

If you are inspired by These words please reach out to HL Kassandra, she is a wonderful teacher and will gladly share her experience with you !! 

Until next month 

Sigrun Sveinungsdottir iBiarka. Halberd MoAS