Artisan & Crafter For the Month of July 

Greetings all and welcome to our 2022 series, Artisans and Crafters of Bryn Gwlad (and friends).  Monthly we interview populace about what they create, and why they create it or do it ! Now on to the The interview 

This month we are chatting with Maistreas Meadhbh nī Ruaidh óChonnemara.

She is an amazing and very talented artisan in our lands and I am always amazed by what she teaches and creates !  I have gone to several of her classes and I am a serious want to be cook now!  I hope you all enjoy! 

  1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE SCA ?  On and off 40+ years
  3. DID YOU START DOING THIS BEFORE YOU CAME TO THE SCA?      I always loved cooking. It just seemed to be a natural transition once I discovered some recipes way back when.
  4. IF YOU DID THIS PREVIOUS TO THE SCA – DID THIS HELP TO DRAW YOU TO THE SCA ?   the SCA was my love of medieval history and stories. My favorite movies were Robin Hood and Ivanhoe. Cooking came later. 
  5. TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT WHAT THIS ENTAILS, AND THE CREATION ASPECT OF IT.  Cooking involves research and experimentation . When I first started there were very few sources. Cariadocs Miscellany, Pleyn Delit, and a few others. The internet was non existent.  Then, once you had a recipe you get to make the dish(es). Finding ingredients was the next challenge.  Some foods may not be available or even safe to eat. That is where creativity comes into play
  6. HOW WOULD SOMEONE GO ABOUT BEGINNING RESEARCH ON THIS ?  Start looking at websites: is one. Also check with members of your group and find the cooks. They can point you to many sources books, internet, videos, etc.
  7. HOW CAN THIS BE SHOWCASED IN THE SCA WHILE ATTENDING EVENTS AND THINGS?  For food, set up a lovely table under your pavilion ( use appropriate utensils best you can).  You can make a dish to share with others.  Make items to give as largess or prizes for a competition.  
  8. IF SOMEONE WANTED TO LEARN, AS A BEGINNER WHAT IS YOUR BEST ADVICE ON STARTING POINT?  Take classes on cooking at events, seek out artisans that do cooking, get on the internet and read up on recipes.  Talking to others who cook is the best way to learn.  Then get out there and cook!
  9. TELL US A BIT ABOUT THE JOY AND COMMUNITY YOU GET FROM THIS AND MAYBE SHARE SOME THINGS YOU’VE DONE .    I just love sharing what I cook with others. There is great joy in watching others enjoy what you created. It gives you incentive to do more cooking. You also meet a great community of people.    As for what I’ve done, too many feasts to list here. From Roman to Italian Renaissance .  I’ve taught a number of classes both at modern venues and at events.  Right now I am the head of the cooks guild. I try to hold workshops/classes throughout the year.  I hope to hold more in the future.  

Bryn Gwlad Cooks Guild  –

Thank you so much for your time and willingness to share a little bit of you with us ! 

You are amazing and I cannot wait to spend some time in another class with you !! 

If you are inspired by her words please reach out to her, she is a wonderful teacher and will gladly share her experience with you !! 

Until next month 


Sigrun Sveinungsdottir iBiarka.   Halberd MoAS

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  1. Congratulations on being the Artisan & Crafter For the Month of July Maistreas Meadhbh nī Ruaidh óChonnemara. Cooking is such a wonderful creative thing to do. Hope we meet up at one of the events soon.

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