Archery is ON for 5/30/21!

Looks like the weather is holding up, so I’m looking forward to seeing folks out for our weekly SCA archery practice from 1 – 4pm at the YMCA Twin Lakes!

Please be mindful that we are still operating under some restrictions:

-No minors will be allowed at this time.
-Loaner gear will not be available.
-Face masks are required.
-Participants must bring their own water.

-Johanna Buchanan (MKA Jonaya Gustafson)
Bryn Gwlad Archery Marshal

1 thought on “Archery is ON for 5/30/21!”

  1. Hey Johanna, Eleanor here (MKA Paula) just a heads up I’ll be missing Archery the next three weeks as I’ll be out of town.

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