Ansteorran Woven Regalia – Inkle Loom Patterns!

Do you have an inkle loom or another tool that lets you do warp-faced weavings? Looking for small projects to take on? Well, you can satisfy your need to weave and help the Kingdom at the same time!

By RCF-JR – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, The “Heritage” inkle loom by The Loom Merchant RCF-JR – Own work CC BY-SA 3.0

The Kingdom of Ansteorra gives regalia with some awards. It can range from circlets to cloaks, pendants to spurs. One of the common forms of regalia is the woven lanyard or garter. Check out the examples below!

These insignia are woven by volunteers within the populace (anyone who plays or participates with the SCA). Which means you can weave them, too!

But, you may ask, how??

These can be woven using an inkle loom, or any other up/down warp-facing weaving methods. The big thing you need is the patterns for each piece of regalia!

That’s where Baroness Muirenn Chernaig, Barony of Wiesenfeuer, is here to help you out! Baroness Muirenn has provided patterns and guides for each piece of Ansteorran woven regalia! Check out the slides and resources here: