Another Week Closer to the Festival

Greetings good gentles all!

The Baronies of Bryn Gwlad and Bonwicke have joined forces to present to you an Italian Themed Festival of Color!!!

Each Barony will be choosing their Martial Champions through persistent and dedicated competition

With activities to delight all ages, each few weeks will highlight yet another activity or competition to entertain and delight!

Announcement the First and Second…. Chivalric, ready your Heralds, AND the RETURN of the Iron Artisan

Chivalric Combatants!! During your first day of Tournament fun Heralds will be REQUIRED, to announce you initially, into the list, with the theme of Loud and Proud, consult your best “Chaucers” and have them incite the crowd to cheer you onto victory!!!! – A VERY worthwhile prize will be awaiting the Fighter that has the best Heraldic performance so ply your local Bard/Skald with all the appreciation you can muster!

(Heralds will provided if none are available, or already spoken for in your area)


As mentioned previously!!! Iron Artisan is a timed competition of creation where teams (3-4 people) will have a only a few hours to create items of their choice based around “The Secret Ingredient” that is not announced until right before the competition begins.

(Electricity will be provided for this competition)

So gather your best and brightest and Prepare for a Battle of Delights!!!!

Stay Tuned for More!!

October 21st – 23rd

Lewis Lakeview Pavillion