A Seneschal is the officer serving as “president.” They act as the group administrator and legal representative for the group.

The seneschal’s primary responsibility is the smooth operation of the branch. They typically run local meetings and administer the operation of the branch, reporting on branch activities as required to the other officers of the kingdom.


Badge:Seneschal Badge
Current: Sir Robert de Bray
Term End:Jun 2020 — Apply Now!

Latest Seneschal Posts

  • 18 May Populace Meeting – Watch Here!

    The 18 May Populace meeting was recorded and is now available online for people to watch! The link below will direct you to the Zoom Recording. You do not need a Zoom account to watch the video. It’s approximately 56 minutes long.

    The full video is available here!
    Password: 3j*r48.f

  • Bids are in for Fall Baronial – VOTE TODAY!!

    Fall Baronial 2020 is the first weekend of October this year. We have had two presentations for event bids tonight during our Zoom Business Meeting.We are going to be using Survey Monkey to vote on which bid will be chosen.

    If you want to look at the documents for each bid you can find them here on a Google Drive Folder;

    Bid#1 Camp Arrow Head
    Bid#2 Rockdale Fair Park

    Survey Monkey Voting Link;
    Voting will be open for 24 hours (Closing 8PM 4/28/2020) only so please spread the word and the links and use this chance to voice your opinion and choice.

    Robert de Bray
    Bryn Gwlad Seneschal
  • COVID-19 Update from Kingdom Seneschal

    Greetings Ansteorra,

    I hope all are well and finding ways to deal with our mutual isolation. Thank you to all who have been helping put out content for people to enjoy and to all the groups having virtual meetings. Connection is still needs, glad to see folks doing so.

    Originally, we had announced that all SCA Official activities would not happen in Ansteorra until March 30. Given that the situation is what it is, and mostly that it is so fluid and not predictable, I, in agreement with the Crown, am going to change that statement to not include an end date. For now, we will continue the “no official activities” for as long as needed. We will wait and see how things are looking, we will comply with government directives. I will make sure to update as we move forward. Let me know if you have questions.

    We are still planning on Coronation to happen, along with Queen’s Champion and King’s Champion, on May 9th. We have been given permission by Society to hold a Virtual Event for Coronation, if needed. This permission also includes the ability of the Crown to give awards at that time, up to and including Peerages. Hopefully, we will not have to do that, but it is good to already have permission if needed.

    Take care of each other, stay safe. We are Ansteorra, we are stronger than anything this situation can throw at us. We will rise again.

    Kingdom Seneschal
  • Monthly Business Meeting – 30 Mar – Virtual!

    The March Business meeting for the Barony has been rescheduled for 30 March and it will be held virtually via Zoom. The officers will be having a test-run meeting tonight to make sure everything works without a hitch!

    This month we will be meeting virtually via Zoom. You can download the app for your phone or tablet if you want to be able to speak and be visible. Otherwise you can just join the meeting via the link to watch and listen.
    Meeting ID is 710 414 2920 

    Sir Robert deBray
    Bryn Gwlad Seneschal

  • 16 Mar 2020 – COVID-19 Update

    Announcement from the Bryn Gwlad Seneschal:

    UPDATE: All baronial activities are now cancelled until March 30th per our Kingdom Seneshcal.

    We will be notifying Sherwood that we will be suspending our participation for the season. Please stay tuned on details on when we will arrange to remove our booth and demo items out at Sherwood.

    Lysts on the Lake has also been cancelled by the event management so our participation there is also cancelled.

    I am taking a wait and see approach and evaluating on a weekly basis. I feel it is my top priority to protect our membership as much as it is to protect the SCA in general. This week’s suspension will give us time to see how things develop. I would rather act out of an abundance of caution than to risk making things worse for our friends, health care workers and first-responders.

    I am also considering the possibility that our March business meeting will have to be entirely conducted via Skype.

    Please stay safe and healthy out there folks. My hope is that by our collective actions this will get better and things will return to normal much faster.

    Robert de Bray
    Bryn Gwlad Seneschal
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