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Minister of Arts & Sciences

SCA Arts & Sciences (A&S) are all the crafts, skills, and technologies practiced in the time period and cultures that our studies cover. SCA participants research, study, and practice these skills and then share them with others. You will see the results in use and on display at our events – the costumes (garb) we wear, the armor used in combat, the scrolls presented in Court, and the recipes used for a feast, just to name a few.

Minister of Arts & Science

Badge:Minister of Arts & Sciences Badge
Current:Master Rene Damours
Deputies:Myfanwy ferch Eifion, O.P.
Term End:Feb 2021

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  • King’s College: Online Event tomorrow, 13 June!

    Greetings unto the friends and populace of Bryn Gwlad!

    Tomorrow, Saturday the 13th of June, is Kings College! Kings College is a class-focused event where you can attend discussions and demonstrations ranging from studies of historical events to how-to guides for historical candies to round tables discussing running events in the SCA.

    There are 12 different classes being offered every hour and a half from 9am to 5pm (with an hour break for lunch at 11:30) so I am certain you can find something you are interested in. All times listed are CST

    The event is being hosted through eventsxd and the link is below. You can currently go review the schedule which is both in table form for easy viewing as well in long hand with a description of the class and the teacher’s name. The hyperlinks for the classes won’t go live until 8:30am Saturday, but if you create an account now you can make an agenda so you won’t waste a single class slot. Please note that participants will be required to register (or sign in) via eventsxd for each class attended.

    At 5pm the classes will end and their Majesties Jason and Margherita, King and Queen of Ansteorra will hold a virtual court that will be streamed via the Ansteorran facebook group. Come join to see members of the populace recognized and for the swearing of fealty by the Masters of Defense.

    See you in the classroom!

    Don Orazio d’Assisi
    Seneschal of Bryn Gwlad

    Link to the event website

    Link to the Ansteorran FB group for virtual court

  • Photographer’s Series – #6

    Assignment 6: take the best 5 images you created and make them even better!

    This is all about post-processing using tools like Capture One, Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera RAW or whatever tool you prefer. Use skills you have or ask questions.I can help you with this at almost any skill level—seriously.

    If you do not have a tool you like, most have free trials you can download.Capture One even has completely free versions if you use Sony or Fuji cameras.

    Maybe Knott
    Photographer’s Guild Principal

    Check out the Photography Guild Page and Share your progress, ask about specific phot-editing tools, and join the discussion on the Photographer’s Guild Facebook Group!

  • Photographers Series – #5

    Assignment 5: time to use the skills from 1-4. Create 5 great images of your chosen subject in good light!

    So you have worked on finding good angles and perspectives for your subject. You have learned about light angles and how they look on your subject. You have explored how window light works (which contributes a lot to the use of strobes, if you have not tried that yet).

    Now take your chosen subject and try to create five distinct images using what you learned in the first assignments.If your subject is a person or pet, how can you get the best or most interesting expressions?

    If you are not already using RAW files on your camera, please start doing so. You can set your camera to shoot RAW plus jpeg, so you still have jpegs you might be used to. But, trust me, you will be happier in the future if you get in the habit of shooting RAW now. (Plus, you’ll want RAW files for the next assignment!)

    Maybe Knott
    Photographer’s Guild Principal

    Check out the Photography Guild Page and Share your progress and join the discussion on the Photographer’s Guild Facebook Group!

  • Photographer’s Assignment Series – #3

    Assignment 3: use a window for light

    So this is fantastic for people, naturally, but window light is also fantastic for food or almost anything.

    The relationship of the light source to the subject, as we learned in the last experiment, makes a difference. So does the angle and distance, as we learned from the first. So keep going as long as patience lasts and find out new things!

    Maybe Knott
    Photographer’s Guild Principal

    Check out the Photography Guild Page and Share your progress and join the discussion on the Photographer’s Guild Facebook Group!

  • Virtual Viking Treasure Chain Class on 26 Mar!

    Greetings, BG! Tomorrow evening [Thursday, 26 March 2020], at 7 PM on FB live, I’ll be teaching my Viking Treasure Chains (AKA Norse Festoons) class for Bonwicke’s A&S night. I hope you’ll make some time and tune in! I’ll be discussing the history of the festoons, extant examples from Norse graves, and how to make your own.

    Lairde Hextilda Corbett

    For more information about the class, links to join the stream, and more, check out the Class on Viking Treasure Chains (Norse Festoons) Facebook event!

  • Embroidery 101 — Online via Discord

    Attention! Morina O’Donovan, from the Shire of the Shadowlands, will be hosting Embroidery 101 online via Discord, on Thursday March 26 at 7pm CST! Check out the announcement below.

    If you want to join, hop over to the #fiber channel in the Shadowlands Discord server.

    I will be hosting an Embroidery 101 class on Thursday at 7 [CST] (in other words, in lieu of fiber guild). I will be trying out Discord’s video call feature for this class, so please let me know in advance if you want to attend so I can rope you in. If for some reason it doesn’t work, we’ll move over to Zoom and just work around the time limit.

    For this class, you will need the following:
    – a piece of cotton or linen fabric (a scrap from another project will do, or you can get a fat quarter at WalMart or any of the fabric stores in town)
    – a skein of embroidery floss (any color you like, again available at WalMart and fabric stores)
    – an embroidery needle (or two if you tend to lose them like I do, lol)
    – some form of scissors for cutting thread

    An embroidery hoop or frame is optional. You can work in the hand if you want, but for some, having the frame to stretch fabric on helps immensely. You can wood or bamboo hoops for cheap since you are just starting out. You may wish to upgrade later if you stick with it, but for now, there’s no real need for anything fancy.

    Keep in mind that Joann’s is doing curbside right now and offering 25% off for those who order online and use the curbside service.

    This class will cover how to start a project and will cover three basic stitches, stem, chain, and split. If there is time, we may start talking fill stitches.

    If you have any other questions about this class or its material requirements, please do not hesitate to post [in the #fiber channel in the Shadowlands Discord server.]. Looking forward to working with you guys!

    Morina O’Donovan
    Shire of the Shadowlands
  • Photographer’s Guild Series – #2

    Assignment 2: Pick a single subject and a light source. Keep the subject and camera in the same place and move your light source to different places.

    The light above or at least at the same height is “traditional” since the sun is above, but you should feel free to experiment with it. Play with light behind, change angles around the subject. Change angle up and down. Change the way the light faces if this can be changed. So many options.

    Maybe Knott
    Photographer’s Guild Principal

    Check out the Photography Guild Page and Share your progress and join the discussion on the Photographer’s Guild Facebook Group!

  • Photographer’s Guild Assignment Series – #1

    Assignment 1: pick a subject and photograph it or them from five distinct angles.

    You can be in front, next to, behind, above, below, closer or further away. This could be something you have made, a family member, a pet, garb, armor or anything else.

    Maybe Knott
    Photography Guild Principal

    Check out the Photography Guild Page and Share your progress and join the discussion on the Photographer’s Guild Facebook Group!

  • Photographer’s Guild Assignment Series

    Virus keeping you from going to events? Want to get your camera out and learn, practice, and discuss photography with other people? Well, the Bryn Gwlad Photographer’s Guild has an assignment series for you! Every few days, Maybe Knott (Guild Leader) will be posting assignments to the guild.

    Look for assignments posted here, and join in on the discussion on the BG Photographer’s Guild Facebook Group!

  • Candlemas Class Schedule is NOW AVAILABLE!

    Update from the Candlemas Class Coordinator:

    The Candlemas 2020 — Festa della Candelora — class schedule is not available!

    There are two tabs on the sheet below, one with the class listing and one with the class schedule. Colors correlate to areas where the classes will be held to be indicated with a banner.

    In service,

    Kassandra de Haas

    Class Coordinator

    For more details on the upcoming event (1 Feb), check out the following resources:
    Candlemas Website
    Candlemas Facebook Event
    Official Bryn Gwlad Facebook Page