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Halberd Pursuivant (Herald)

The Herald is responsible for cataloging and registering all society names and devices.

Halberd Pursuivant (Herald)

Badge:Herald Badge
Current:Sigrun de Birca
Term End:Feb 2022

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Latest Heraldic Posts

  • Fall Baronial Event Needs Heralds!

    Training provided if needed!

    Event will have Herald post station with snacks and water

    • Need 2 book heralds to sit and help with questions and information (1 for each shift – AM and PM on Saturday)
    • Need several List field heralds – depending on what the fighting schedule is – for Saturday and Sunday as well – Saturday is the most important day
    • Need 2-3 site heralds for announcements throughout camp at designated times – Saturday and Sunday – even in the mornings lol
    • Also need backups just in case…

    Contact me via email: herald@bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org
    Facebook: Star-Shew-York

    Sigrun de Birca
    Bryn Gwlad Herald Pursuivant