Baronial Officers

The Barony of Bryn Gwlad has officers to help guide and protect you as you continue your journey with the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Baron of Bryn GwladBaroness of Bryn Gwlad
Gavin mac Giolla Ruaidh Wentiliana le Chandeler


Badge:Seneschal Badge
Current: Sir Robert de Bray
Term End:Jun 2020 — Apply Now!


Badge:Exchequer Badge
Current:Kassandra de Haas
Term End:TBD


Current:Mistress Gwenneth Bowynne
Term End:Aug 2020 — Apply Now!


Badge:Hospitaller Badge
Current:Don Orazio d’Assisi
Deupties:Genevieve of Hellsgate
Term End:Jan 2021


Badge:Quartermaster Badge
Current:Lady Judith de Saint Clare
Term End:Aug 2021

Halberd Pursuivant (Herald)

Badge:Herald Badge
Current:Sigrun de Birca
Term End:Feb 2022

Minister of Arts & Science

Badge:Minister of Arts & Sciences Badge
Current:Master Rene Damours
Deputies:Myfanwy ferch Eifion, O.P.
Term End:Feb 2021

Minister of Children

Badge:Minister of Children Badge
Current:Apply Now!
Term End:Apply Now!

Archery Marshal

Badge:Archery Marshal Badge
Current:Lady Maria Donald of Windmasters Hill
Deputies:Robert the Red
Caoimhim mac Tamhas mac Cathal
John Buchanan
Coel Hen
Term End:Sept 2020

Rapier Marshal

Badge:Rapier Marshal Badge
Current:Lord Tuathal O’Shiels
Deputies:HL Nadja Ramthuner
Master John Drake
Mistress Gwenneth Bowynne
Term End:June 2020 — Apply Now!

Knight Marshal

Current:Centurion Alfrikr Hamarskald
Term End:Aug 2021


Badge:Webminister Badge
Current:Lady kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
Term End:Aug 2022
  • 18 May Populace Meeting – Watch Here!

    The 18 May Populace meeting was recorded and is now available online for people to watch! The link below will direct you to the Zoom Recording. You do not need a Zoom account to watch the video. It’s approximately 56 minutes long.

    The full video is available here!
    Password: 3j*r48.f

  • Upcoming Activities in May!

    Good morrow to the Barony! We have a few activities that have been added to the calendar I want to draw your attention to. Check them out below!

    19 May (tonight) – Populace in the Virtual Park
    1900 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    24 May – Flameworks Guild Watch Party
    1400 – 1530 CST
    Watch party in the Flameworks Facebook Group
    Or join the class directly from Zoom – details will be added to the event fb page

    25 May – Deadline to submit content for the June Halberd
    Midnight is the deadline
    Contact the Chronicler with questions or to submit content

    26 May – Populace in the Virtual Park
    1900 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    28 May – Clothiers Guild Virtual Hangout
    1800 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    31 May – Bryn Gwlad Trained Band Meeting
    1900 – 2000 CST
    Voice/video chat via Zoom – discussing uniforms, kit, musketry and more!

    31 May – Last day to submit applications for Rapier Marshal
    Visit the Officer’s Page to find the application form

  • Officer Info — Making Posts on the Blog

    One of the core features of WordPress is the blog. We have the ability to make announcements, blog posts, through our website to let the populace know of upcoming activities, recent changes, useful or educational information, and more. We still have to follow SCA policy, however, so I’ve summarized the relevant website policies here as well as made a list of the things you need to check on your draft before you publish a post.

    For now, we are only opening up posting to officers, deputies, and guild leaders. That may change as our barony’s use of the website increases and changes.

    Things to Remember

    If there is any concern that specific material may be questionable, contact the Bryn Gwlad Webminister with questions.

    • The primary goals of this website are to inform and educate people about Bryn Gwlad and to further the educational purposes of the SCA — if your post strays from those goals, consider using a different platform
    • Articles that cause anger and divert people from study and recreation are not acceptable; don’t publish personal attacks
    • Don’t publish content that furthers the aim of subgroups or factions within the Kingdom (this includes, but is not limited to, households)

    Relevant Website Policies

    Personal Information

    Personal information (modern name, home/work address, phone numbers, personal email) must not be published on any SCA-recognized Internet site unless permission first is obtained from the specific individual in writing or in electronic format; an e-mail from the person giving permission is acceptable. The individual can revoke permission at any time. If publishing a personal email address, permission must come in an email from that address.

    Society Names

    It is permissible to list a person’s Society name in connection with any office they hold without specific consent, i.e. – “Branch Seneschal: Lord Robert the Volunteer”; as well as official office e-mail addresses such as

    Editorial Content

    All editorial material, both text and images, must conform to the goals and objectives of the Society, and portray the Society and the Kingdom in a positive light. No content is exempt. While there is no way to anticipate all the types of material that may be objectionable; what follows is a representative list:

    • Personal attacks on individuals or groups
    • Harsh criticism of the behavior of individuals or groups
    • Copyrighted material used without permission
    • Use of racial or religious stereotypes
    • Offensive words, phrases, or images

    Making a Post

    • If you don’t have an account on this site, contact the BG Webminister. You will need to provide the following information for the Webminister to provide you an account.
      • Officer or Guild Role (ex. clothier’s guild principal, exchequer deputy, chronicler)
      • Your personal email address (not an officer or baronial email address)
      • Mundanely: First Initial
      • Mundanely: Last Name
      • The Webminister will grant you the “Contributor” Role
    • Once you have an account, from your dashboard click “+ New” -> Post
      • Write your post.
      • Whenever possible, embed links in text, link to relevant website pages, link to relevant Facebook or discord groups. The Webminister can help you with this.
    • IMPORTANT: Before you publish the post, check the following items in the “Document” tab:
      • “Publish” — chose the date/time you want your post to be published
      • “Author” — make sure this shows your user name or nickname
      • “Categories” — Select ALL appropriate categories, these are used to display subsets of posts on officer/guild/committee pages; if you need a new category, let the Webminister know
      • “Tags” — add any an all tags you feel are fitting; try to use existing tags, but make new ones if you need to
      • (optional) “Featured Image” — If you want to add a featured image, you can. But, you must send all appropriate releases to the Webminister if you’re using intellectual property, artwork, or photographs
      • (optional) “Excerpt” — You can write a short excerpt describing your post.
    • Then select the big “Publish” or “Update” buttons to allow an administrator to review and publish your post.
  • Bryn Gwlad Halberd – May 2020

    The May newsletter has been published! Check it out for baronial updates, announcements, and more!

  • Hospitaler Hump Day – SCA 101 recap

    Greetings from your friendly neighborhood hospitaler. I am going to start up a string of hump day posts to help you make it through the week with some SCA resources, tips, stories, videos, and other errata. I hope you find it useful.

    On Monday our Bryn Gwlad Newcomer’s Academy held it’s very first virtual class! If you didn’t get to join us the whole thing was shared via Facebook live on the academy Facebook group. Go watch the video and ask any questions you have in the comments section, I’ll keep an eye out and make sure you get an answer. The link to the group can be found here.

    Have an idea for something you would like to see here? Have a question you’ve never wanted to have to ask in person? Email and I’ll make sure you get an answer. You can also use the contact an officer form.

    In service,
    Don Orazio d’Assisi
    Bryn Gwlad Hospitaler