The beauty of Bryn Gwlad is a gift for all who gather here. Recipients of this award are highly admired artisans whose skills have enriched our barony, and are hereby awarded the Muse of Bryn Gwlad.

Recipient's SCA NameMonth AwardedDay AwardedYear AwardedAward Name
Ambrogio Tedesco262021Muse
Kalista Zvereva Rostova262021Muse
Kolfinna in Kyrra Otarsdottir1162021Muse
Cynric of Bedwyn211993Muse
Laurent Reynard211993Muse
Caterina Angelique Couer Noir211993Muse
Jehanne D'Avignon211994Muse
Siona Devereaux211994Muse
Kassandra NickKraken611994Muse
Kieran of the Horses211995Muse
Thomas of Tenby211995Muse
Damaris of Greenhill211996Muse
Maite du Brittaigne211996Muse
Phelim Gervase211996Muse
Clare RosMuire St. John211997Muse
Sudvchin of Moritu1011997Muse
Clarissa di Firenze511998Muse
Yvette Royd511998Muse
Charles MacKinnon211999Muse
Myfanwy ferch Eifion1011999Muse
Robin Anderson of Ross1011999Muse
Dior Alagrant212000Muse
Sosha Lyons O'Rourke212001Muse
Aerin MacConacher212002Muse
Robert the Scholar512003Muse
Lowrie Leulyn212004Muse
Audette des Grenouilles1012005Muse
Vyvyanne Fox212006Muse
Sharon of Conway1012006Muse
Isabella of Bryn Gwlad1012006Muse
Amata Amati d'Arezzo912007Muse
Catalina Ana de Salamanca212008Muse
Wilhelm von Arzt1112008Muse
Gaston de Clermont212009Muse
Celestria Monelyght leDragon1012009Muse
Kiabarta Kezia1012010Muse
Sorcha ni Fhaolain212011Muse
Goldweard of St. Golias212011Muse
Gunnhildr Hroaldsdottir212011Muse
Daniel de Lincoln812011Muse
Marie de Girau912011Muse
Alicia Kyra Avelin912011Muse
Maelgwyn Dda1212011Muse
Jovianus Skleros1212011Muse
Ceallach Mac Donal212012Muse
Elen verch Phellip912012Muse
Helene Delassne912012Muse
Giovanni Rocco912012Muse
Johanna van der Luyden212013Muse
Willoc mac Meiredaig212013Muse
Francisca Satra de Arrellano1012013Muse
Jeanne Marie la Verriere1012013Muse
Simona della Luna1112014Muse
Eoin Mac a Ghobhainn1112014Muse
Aislyng ni Cahill1112014Muse
Alianorra McKkye1112014Muse
Catalado Quirini1112014Muse
Safiyya bint Khalid ibn Hamdun212015Muse
Stephan Wilhelm Steger312015Muse
Rosa de Armonno1012015Muse
Osana van der Linden1012015Muse
Simone Valery La Rousse1012015Muse
Martin Malone1212015Muse
Rónán Fionn ÓDiubáin1012016Muse
Mariana de Salamanca212017Muse
Ragna Josefsdottir9302017Muse
Izza Al-Kayatta9302017Muse
Hextilda Corbett232018Muse
Diane de Mallet3312018Muse
Kassandra de Haas10272018Muse
Murienne Corbeau10272018Muse
Tuathal O'Sheill222019Muse
Valka Ulfmodir222019Muse
Gwenneth Bowynne of Glamorgan972019Muse
Nicaize Maupetit212020Muse