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All Bryn Gwlad Awards

SCA NameMonth AwardedDay AwardedYear AwardedAward Name
Andeleon of Axegarth811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Aymbros Turlion de Laisard811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Bevin Fraser of Sterling811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Brenda y Grochenyddes811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Ciard d’Algeneaux811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Dail y Eiliwriad o Cwm Cwymp Dwr811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
David Alkimestes811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Elsbeth of Morwen811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Giuseppe Casazza811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Gwilym y Fferill o Caer Lleuad811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Justinian Karl Friedrich von Reichschoeffen811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Noman Adolphus Buchard811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Seanna Catriona de Fraser811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Sharallele Anna MacEideard811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Simonn of Amber Isle811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Tessa of the Gardens811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Xene Theriane811979Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Edwina Dirks Sterne211980Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Iolo FitzOwen911980Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Aislinn di Tanaleone211981Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Christian Richard Dupre211982Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Robert Simon Fraser211982Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Asa Lee Durant711982Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Aethelyan Moondragon911982Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Goshen von Osterreich911982Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Clare RosMuire Saint John311983Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Edwin FitzLloyd611983Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Martha Armorel McDonald de Alvorada711983Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Branwen Scholastica1111983Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Linda (Talitha) of Flanders1111983Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Luigi di Donate1111983Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Zinaida Likhitovna Umanskaya1111983Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Riccardo di Pisa211984Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Elynor of Deganwy211985Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Gwenllian Gwalch Gaeaf211985Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Eldric de Charbonneau511985Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Katrina Marie di Monteleone211986Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Tivar Moondragon211986Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Maelgwyn Dda511986Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Petar iz Beograda511986Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Rowen of Bryn Gwlad511986Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Blayne atte Wood the Juggler211987Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Conor Drummond211987Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Kaylitha Rhiannon of Southhaven1111987Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Susan (Svavadis) of Bryn Gwlad1111987Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Alden Pharamond211988Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Liadaine of Cul Mor211988Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Thomas of Tenby211988Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Martin Hart of Wells211989Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Johann von Graustein211989Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Erika Segenlein211989Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Conor mac Cenneide211990Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Kein MacEwan911990Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Aeruin na Cantaireacht Sreagan211991Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Kein MacEwan211992Cross Fleury
Riccardo di Pisa211992Cross Fleury
Kieran of the Horses411992Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Jeremy James Scurlock1011992Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Caterina Angelique Coeur Noir1011992Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
James ap Benyl1011992Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Galen of Bristol1011992Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Cynric of Bedwyn211993Muse
Laurent Reynard211993Muse
Caterina Angelique Couer Noir211993Muse
Madeleine la Seule211993Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Savien Jérome Doré de Valence211993Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Caladin Ironheart711993Cross Fleury
Conor mac Cinneide711993Cross Fleury
Thomas Kestral711993Golden Martlet
Ian MacWhelen711993Golden Martlet
Jehanne D'Avignon211994Muse
Siona Devereaux211994Muse
Clare Isibeal Seadhachan211994Golden Martlet
Jamie of Fairfield211994Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Kassandra NickKraken611994Muse
Kassandra NickKraken611994Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Mirrim of Bristol611994Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Mordraut Freyulf611994Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Robyn Solarius611994Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Alina Mitchell1111994Golden Martlet
Osprey von Orlemunde1111994Golden Martlet
Rhiannon o Goed Niwlog1111994Golden Martlet
Kieran of the Horses211995Muse
Thomas of Tenby211995Muse
Phelan MacEwan211995Cross Fleury
Savien Jérome Doré de Valence211995Cross Fleury
Barnabas Greycloak211995Golden Martlet
Sion Glas211995Golden Martlet
Cynric of Bedwyn211995Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Duncan MacConacher of Dunheath211995Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Madog Cochfarf911995Golden Martlet
Phoebe Merimée911995Golden Martlet
Damaris of Greenhill211996Muse
Maite du Brittaigne211996Muse
Phelim Gervase211996Muse
Magda of Bryn Gwlad211996Golden Martlet
Otto Vustmann211996Golden Martlet
Gwenllian ferch Maredudd211996Golden Martlet
Tomas Ashe Buchanon211996Golden Martlet
Barnabas Greycloak211996Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Gwenllian ferch Maredudd911996Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Otto Vustmann1011996Cross Fleury
Clare RosMuire St. John211997Muse
Rhyanne Otter211997Golden Martlet
Theresa of Bryn Gwlad211997Golden Martlet
Antoine Sebastien Doré211997Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Sudvchin of Moritu1011997Muse
Cecily Garland1011997Golden Martlet
Sion na Glas1011997Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Pendaran Glamorgan1011997Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Jehanne D’Avignon1011997Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Marion de Massue111998Golden Martlet
Tabitha Baker111998Golden Martlet
Claire Seadhachan111998Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Sudvchin of the Moritu111998Silver Chalice
Lyonel Oliver Grace211998Cross Fleury
Clarissa di Firenze511998Muse
Yvette Royd511998Muse
Meadhbh ni Ruaidh o Chonnemara511998Golden Martlet
Clarissa di Firenze511998Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Rhyanne the Silkenswift Otter1011998Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Rhiannon o Goed Niwlog1011998Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Kitakaze Tatsu Raito1011998Silver Chalice
Charles MacKinnon211999Muse
Alaric Styrr211999Cross Fleury
Myfanwy ferch Eifion211999Golden Martlet
Pieter Rausch211999Golden Martlet
Christian Jerome Doré de Valence211999Silver Chalice
Myfanwy ferch Eifion1011999Muse
Robin Anderson of Ross1011999Muse
John of Severn1011999Cross Fleury
Marta von Steyregg1011999Golden Martlet
Zaharra de Barcelona1011999Golden Martlet
Phelim Gervaise (Pug)1011999Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Alaric Styrr (Tuhtahl)1011999Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Dior Alagrant212000Muse
Conor Drummond212000Cross Fleury
Clarissa di Firenze212000Golden Martlet
Sibilla Faryfex212000Golden Martlet
Aerin MacConacher212000Golden Martlet
Duncan MacConacher212000Golden Martlet
Phoebe Saint Michael212000Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Avery Shaw512000Cross Fleury
Jovian Skerlos1012000Silver Chalice
Zacaria Ynes de Bolzan1012000Silver Chalice
Sosha Lyons O'Rourke212001Muse
Catalina Ana de Salamanca212001Golden Martlet
Tatsumi Tomoko (Vasha)212001Golden Martlet
Celestria le Dragon212001Golden Martlet
Jehan d’Aigle212001Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Tabitha Baker212001Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Tivar Moondragon712001Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Aethelyan Moondragon712001Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Myfanwy ferch Eifion912001Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Aerin MacConacher212002Muse
Gideon MacLeod212002Cross Fleury
Conor Drummond212002Golden Martlet
Pegasus Devona212002Golden Martlet
Key Connor212002Golden Martlet
Alfred Huddleston212002Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Tabitha Baker212002Silver Chalice
Ysfael Bryndu212003Cross Fleury
Eleanor d’Erisby212003Cross Fleury
Douglas Lyon212003Golden Martlet
Amata Amati d'Arezzo212003Golden Martlet
Ricardo Esteban de Salamanca212003Golden Martlet
Marion du Masse212003Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Ariella Christine d’Aille212003Silver Chalice
Taisha Markov312003Cross Fleury
Robert the Scholar512003Muse
Audette des Grenouilles512003Golden Martlet
Thomas of Tenby512003Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Jehan d’Aigle1112003Golden Martlet
Amata Amati d'Arezzo1112003Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Duncan MacConacher1112003Silver Chalice
Lowrie Leulyn212004Muse
Johan Kiefer Hayden212004Golden Martlet
Douglas Lion212004Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Meadhbh ni Ruaidh o Chonnemara212004Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Celestria Monelyght leDragon1012004Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Shamino Salle Dacil1012004Order of the Halberd (Closed)
Robin Anderson of Ross1012004Silver Chalice
Giotto di Giovanni212005Cross Fleury
Ricardo the Wanderer212005Golden Martlet
Ricardo Esteban de Salamanca212005Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Tivar Moondragon212005Silver Chalice
Audette des Grenouilles1012005Muse
Catalina Ana de Salamanca1012005Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Vyvyanne Fox212006Muse
Kethry of Bryn Gwlad212006The Dragon's Egg
Tristan of Bryn Gwlad212006The Dragon's Egg
Victoria of Rose Manor212006The Dragon's Egg
Charles MacKinnon212006Golden Martlet
Thomas of Conway212006Golden Martlet
Sharon of Conway212006Golden Martlet
Elisabetta Morosini212006Golden Martlet
Alina Mitchell212006Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Clare RosMuire St. John212006Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Pendaran Glamorgan212006Silver Chalice
Claire Seadhachan612006Silver Chalice
Sharon of Conway1012006Muse
Isabella of Bryn Gwlad1012006Muse
Haakon of Bryn Gwlad1012006The Dragon's Egg
Ambroglio Giottoson1012006The Dragon's Egg
Aed Vilhialmsson1012006The Dragon's Egg
Pegasus Devona1012006Golden Martlet
Coblaith Mhuimhneach1012006Golden Martlet
Gwenneth of Glamorgan1012006Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Amelot Lisette de Blammont112007Cross Fleury
Alfred Huddlestone112007Golden Martlet
Emeline de Neville212007Golden Martlet
Gideon MacLeod212007Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Aerin MacConacher212007Silver Chalice
Niklas Vasilevich512007Golden Martlet
Amata Amati d'Arezzo912007Muse
Kerold Hoegaarden912007Cross Fleury
Rhiannon o Goed Niwlog912007Cross Fleury
Korekr Rurikson912007The Dragon's Egg
Ysabeau of Prague912007Golden Martlet
Ilariia Shachastnogovichna912007Golden Martlet
Colin MacNachtan912007Golden Martlet
Eule von Haginbald912007Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Ariella Christine d'Ailles912007Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Wilhelm von Artz912007Silver Chalice
Catalina Ana de Salamanca212008Muse
Isabella of Bryn Gwlad212008Golden Martlet
Rurik the Red212008Golden Martlet
Avery Shaw212008Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Eule von Haginbald212008Silver Chalice
Wilhelm von Arzt1112008Muse
Fatthiopap Laszlo1112008Cross Fleury
Maelgwyn Dda1112008Cross Fleury
Evan1112008The Dragon's Egg
Ceallach mac Donal1112008Golden Martlet
Ætheldreda of Dun Breatan1112008Golden Martlet
Gaston de Clermont212009Muse
Artorius ap Maelgwyn212009The Dragon's Egg
Gwyneth Blackrose212009Golden Martlet
Daniel de Lincoln212009Golden Martlet
Uther Blackthorne212009Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Catalina Ana de Salamanca312009Cross Fleury
Celestria Monelyght leDragon1012009Muse
Ceallach mac Donal1012009Cross Fleury
Wilhelm von Artz1012009Golden Martlet
Goldweard of St. Golias1012009Golden Martlet
Saundra of Loch Raeburn1012009Golden Martlet
Isabella Maria della Rosa1012009Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Alexander Gervase212010The Dragon's Egg
Fattiopap Laszlo212010Golden Martlet
Magdalena Cortez212010Golden Martlet
Artorius ap Maelgwyn812010Cross Fleury
Kiabarta Kezia1012010Muse
Ambroglio Giotto1012010Cross Fleury
Gaston de Clermont1012010Cross Fleury
Ceallach mac Donal1012010Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Maelgwyn Dda1012010Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Sorcha ni Fhaolain212011Muse
Goldweard of St. Golias212011Muse
Gunnhildr Hroaldsdottir212011Muse
Grishka Kravtsovich212011Golden Martlet
Katrina of York212011Golden Martlet
Katherine of Bryn Gwlad212011Golden Martlet
Colin MacNachtan212011Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Gaston de Claremont512011Silver Chalice
Daniel de Lincoln812011Muse
Marie de Girau912011Muse
Alicia Kyra Avelin912011Muse
Miguel Vaello de Villa Joiosa912011The Dragon's Egg
Maelgwyn Dda1212011Muse
Jovianus Skleros1212011Muse
Sarah of Hellsgate1212011The Dragon's Egg
Michael of Hellsgate1212011The Dragon's Egg
Corbin Witheby1212011Golden Martlet
Martin Malone1212011Golden Martlet
Diane Mallet1212011Golden Martlet
Ceallach Mac Donal212012Muse
Tivar Moondragon212012Cross Fleury
Ronin of Hellsgate212012The Dragon's Egg
Wolf der Gaenger212012Golden Martlet
Liam Gordon612012Golden Martlet
Melisenda de Barcelona612012Golden Martlet
Elen verch Phellip912012Muse
Helene Delassne912012Muse
Giovanni Rocco912012Muse
Renée du Valier912012Golden Martlet
Jovian Skleros912012Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Gaston de Claremont1012012Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Thomas of Tenby1012012Silver Chalice
Johanna van der Luyden212013Muse
Willoc mac Meiredaig212013Muse
Gwenneth Bowynne of Glamorgan212013Golden Martlet
Kessaundra Haas212013Golden Martlet
Alicia Kyra Avelin212013Golden Martlet
Rosalinda de Salerno312013Cross Fleury
John Drake412013Cross Fleury
Francisca Satra de Arrellano1012013Muse
Jeanne Marie la Verriere1012013Muse
Miguel Vaello de Villa Joiosa1012013Cross Fleury
Lucius Hadrianus1012013Cross Fleury
Ysfael Bryndu1012013Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Vasilii Kostiantinovits1112013Golden Martlet
Stefan li Rous1212013Golden Martlet
Jared of Hellsgate212014The Dragon's Egg
Cailee of Hellsgate212014The Dragon's Egg
Rene D'Amours212014Golden Martlet
Dante Ragusa212014Golden Martlet
Coenred aet Rauensdale212014Golden Martlet
Helene Dalassane212014Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Magdalena Cortez212014Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Coenred aet Rauenesdale312014Cross Fleury
Alianorra MacKkye312014Golden Martlet
Melisenda de Barcelona312014Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Simona della Luna1112014Muse
Eoin Mac a Ghobhainn1112014Muse
Aislyng ni Cahill1112014Muse
Alianorra McKkye1112014Muse
Catalado Quirini1112014Muse
Vasilii Kostiantinovits1112014Cross Fleury
Wentiliana le Chandeler1112014Cross Fleury
Elen verch Phelip1112014Golden Martlet
Johnnae Llyn Lewis1112014Golden Martlet
Ronan Fionn O'Dubain1112014Golden Martlet
Safiyya bint Khalid ibn Hamdun1112014Golden Martlet
Willoc mac Muiredaig1112014Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Maelgwyn Dda1112014Silver Chalice
Havarr Ericsson1212014Golden Martlet
Eric Bentbow1212014Golden Martlet
Timur Borte1212014Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Safiyya bint Khalid ibn Hamdun212015Muse
Dearbhail inghean Mhuiredhach mhic Alasdair212015Golden Martlet
Hanse Kleermaker212015Silver Chalice
Stephan Wilhelm Steger312015Muse
Asta Bassadottir312015Golden Martlet
Helena von Braunschweyg312015Golden Martlet
Wentiliana le Chandeler312015Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Rosa de Armonno1012015Muse
Osana van der Linden1012015Muse
Simone Valery La Rousse1012015Muse
Alfrikr Hamarskald1012015Cross Fleury
Judith St. Clair1012015Golden Martlet
Elen verch Phelip1012015Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
John Drake1012015Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Martin Malone1212015Muse
Rachel della Luna212016The Dragon's Egg
Andrew della Luna212016The Dragon's Egg
Rónán Fionn ÓDiubáin1012016Muse
Gwenneth Bowynne of Glamorgan1012016Cross Fleury
Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh1012016Golden Martlet
Wentiliana le Chandeler1012016Golden Martlet
Lucius Hadrianus1012016Golden Martlet
Brigitta von Eisenach1012016Golden Martlet
Vilhjalmr Tursasprengir1012016Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Safiyya bint Khalid ibn Hamdun1012016Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Mariana de Salamanca212017Muse
Edward du Bois212017Golden Martlet
Vasilii Kostiantinovits212017Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Ragna Josefsdottir9302017Muse
Izza Al-Kayatta9302017Muse
Ioannes Delassenos9302017Cross Fleury
Marie of Hellsgate9302017The Dragon's Egg
Miles Ridley9302017Golden Martlet
Emma du Daventre9302017Golden Martlet
Marie de Girau9302017Golden Martlet
Francisca Sastre de Arellano9302017Golden Martlet
Lucius Scaevola9302017Golden Martlet
Lucius Hadrianus Swordbreaker9302017Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Gavin Mac Giolla Rauidh9302017Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Judith de Saint Clare9302017Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Hextilda Corbett232018Muse
Artemis Moondragon232018The Dragon's Egg
John Drake232018The Dragon's Egg
Simona della Luna232018Golden Martlet
Maria Donald of WindmasterHill232018Golden Martlet
Nicaize Maupetit232018Golden Martlet
Wolf der Gänger232018Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Diane de Mallet3312018Muse
Tancred of Hellsgate3312018The Dragon's Egg
Eric Bentbow3312018Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Willoc Mac Meiredaig3312018Silver Chalice
Kassandra de Haas10272018Muse
Murienne Corbeau10272018Muse
Phelim Gervase10272018Cross Fleury
Giovanni Rocco10272018Cross Fleury
Asbjorn10272018Golden Martlet
Alfrikr Hamarskald10272018Golden Martlet
Ragna Josefsdottir10272018Golden Martlet
Hendrika van Sitteren10272018Golden Martlet
Guillermo Pájaro de Escocia10272018Golden Martlet
Robert de Bray10272018Golden Martlet
Issac von Basel10272018Golden Martlet
Nicaize Maupetit10272018Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Ysfael Bryndu10272018Silver Chalice
Henri le Hibou du Bois1282018Cross Fleury
Tuathal O'Sheill222019Muse
Valka Ulfmodir222019Muse
Alex Maupetit222019The Dragon's Egg
Dafydd de Mortemer222019Golden Martlet
Hextilda Corbett222019Golden Martlet
Nadja Ramthuner222019Golden Martlet
Orazio d'Assisi222019Golden Martlet
Havaar Ericsson222019Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Ronan Fionn O'Dubain222019Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Elizabeth of Hellsgate3302019The Dragon's Egg
Gwenneth Bowynne of Glamorgan972019Muse
Havarr Ericsson972019Cross Fleury
Tuathal O'Sheill972019Cross Fleury
Wilhelm Von Bellatrix972019Cross Fleury
Ceara inghean mhic an Ghabhann972019Golden Martlet
Genevieve Cozzini972019Golden Martlet
Katherine de Kroepseur972019Golden Martlet
Solmundr Mac an Ghabhann972019Golden Martlet
Thomas of Tenby972019Golden Martlet
Phelim Gervase972019Golden Martlet
Pendaran Glamorgan972019Golden Martlet
Avery Shaw972019Golden Martlet
Asta Bassadottir972019Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Nicaize Maupetit212020Muse
Cristaine Milton212020Golden Martlet
John Buchanan212020Golden Martlet
Osana Vander Linden212020Golden Martlet
Kassandra de Haas212020Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Daniel de Lincoln212020Order of the Dreigiau Bryn
Maria da Serra Da Estela1032020Keeper of the Crucible
Tobias Geluecke1032020Golden Martlet
kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir1032020Golden Martlet
Tuathal O'Sheils1032020Golden Martlet
Goldweard of St. Golias1032020Order of the Dreigiau Bryn

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