5 Important Things you Missed at Business Meeting

Greetings, Bryn Gwlad

Couldn’t make it to Nosh and Bevvy? Internet fail you when trying to join? That’s okay, because I have your 5 most important updates from the Bryn Gwlad business meeting on 4/22.

  1. Officer Updates and Openings:
    • Nicaize’s warrant is being extended by 6 months and Gerold and Escarlata are going to act as her deputies during that time
    • Applications for rapier marshal are due 4/30
    • The following offices are also open for APPLICATION, if you have any questions please reach out to the seneschal, B&B, and/or current officer for more details.
      • Exchequer
      • Archery Marshal
      • Youth and Family Officer
      • Social Media Officer
  2. Sherwood is complete, newcomer’s academy starting soon!
    • Thank you to all of our volunteers and organizers from this year’s demo!
    • Be on the lookout in person and virtually, we have a ton of newcomers and need your help to get them involved.
    • The first Newcomer’s Academy Class for 2024 will be May 19th from 7-8pm at Nosh and Bevvy
  3. Fall Baronial Approaches!
    • Autocrat: Calvin Tittle, deputy autocrat: Estienne de Bretagne
    • Theme: The War of the Bucket
    • Planning meetings: 2nd Monday of each month virtually (check the baronial calendar for details)
    • Need volunteers, most urgent/important is someone who can run gate
  4. Heavy combat training program this summer!
    • Our heavy/chivalric marshal will be running an introduction to heavy combat program this fall with drills and group training. Be on the lookout for details on when the course will start.
  5. BG/HG goes to Warlord
    • We are hosting a baronial encampment at Steppes Warlord
    • If you are interested in camping with the Barony please sign up via THIS FORM. This will help us plan out meals and stake out land when we arrive. Warlord will be here before you know it, sign up now!

Please reach out to the seneschal or HE kolfinna and me with any questions.
With joy,
Barone Orazio