Baronial Canidate Timelines

· October 30th, 2023: This is the deadline to declare baronial candidate status—no new entrants are allowed after this date. Final letters of intent by baronial candidates are due to the Crown by email. · November 4th, 2023: The November edition of the baronial newsletter is published. It includes the final opinion poll form with … Read more

Oyez! Oyez! Announcement: Halberd Pursuivant Office Now Open!

To my chosen family,It has been an honor to have served you as your Baronial Herald for the past (almost 2 years), however my time is coming to an end. As announced at the business meeting, I am now opening my office for applications today, October 15th 2023, with the close to be December 15th … Read more

Officer positions open

Are you interested in helping the barony by holding an office? Apply Here Current offices open and accepting applications:Financial Committee Member at Large – Applications closing 10/18/2023Archery MarshalMinister of ChildrenQuartermaster Upcoming offices – talk to current office holder if you are interested in putting in an application soon:Webminister (She’s moving at the end of the … Read more