07/11 Fighter Practice: Heat Delay

Greetings fighters,

We are under a Heat Advisory. The Marshals are implementing a delayed start time — Please refrain from fully gearing up and sparring until after 8:30, when the heat index is predicted to drop below 105F.

Remember: Go SLOW. Rest OFTEN. HYDRATE.

Please take it slow and easy, and hydrate aggressively before, during, and after practice. Take breaks frequently, including loosening armor and removing your helm/mask. You can read more about heat injuries and SCA fighting in this very blog, “Marshal’s Corner: Heat Safety“.

As always, please feel free to contact any baronial officers if you have a suggestion for an indoor practice site!

In Service,
HL Nadja Ramthuner, Rapier Marshal
Ld. Valgard of York, Knights Marshal