To Arms!

The heathens of old are crawling out of the woodwork and from under the rocks trying to assert that they are the best. The more sophisticated, intelligent, better armed, better trained, better dressed (and better looking) artisans, organizers, fighters, shooters, and everything you can possibly think of, people that are from an era of higher enlightenment will be there to put them back in their place!

Join the forces of the later period so you too can taste the sweet nectar of victory! Do not let the old darkness creep in to your heart and soul and wind up face down in the dirt with the early period forces!

General of the Late Period Army

War Chest

War Chest
Image by Caelin on Andrede

To the victor go the Spoils of War!

All participants in Marshallate Activities and A&S are encouraged to bring a donation to the War Chest. The War Chest will be distributed at Sunday evening court by the Warlord of the winning Period.


Braggart’s War II is coming August 31 – September 3, 2018.

Details coming soon.