The Herald encourages the use of period names and devices for the group.

They are responsible for:

  • Helping people choose appropriate names for the place and time of their persona in the SCA
  • Choosing devices and badges that can be displayed and are in keeping with period practices
  • Keeping accurate records of name and device submissions to the Kingdom
  • Reporting to higher-level Heralds
  • Reporting to the populace
  • Announcing and Reporting Courts

Silent Trumpet Pursuivant (herald):

Lord Nikolai Vladislav, OSTB

is Herald for Barony Bordermarch. Need help registering a device? Have other questions about heraldry in the SCA? This is who to ask!

Past Heralds:

NameStat DateEnd Date
Nikolai Vladislav2020Current
Gabrielle de Lacy20182020
Aron ulfr20182017
Nikolai Vladislav20172017
Aron ulfr20152017
Jillian Saint Andre20132015
Aron ulfr20092012
Amber Lea Fairchild2009

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