The Seneschal is the “club president” or business manager for the group. They are the legal SCA representative. In addition, they manage the other officers to ensure everyone can have quality programs.

They are responsible for:

  • Keeping accurate records
  • Reporting to higher-level Seneschal office
  • Reporting to the populace, budgeting, and approving expenses
Armand de Lacy


Lord Nikolai Vladislav, OSTB

is Seneshal of Barony Bordermarch. This officer is the legal representative for our group.

Past Seneschal

NameStart DateEnd Date
Nikolai Vladislav2020Present
Armand de Lacy20182020
Meurik the Humble20172018
Biau-douz de la Mare20152017
Armand de Lacy20132015
Aedammair inghean Phadraig20112013
Adolf the Bear20082010