Main Schedule – 2023

Current Event Schedule. Artisan Row and Class schedule will be coming in the future. Please be aware that this schedule is subject to change, so please check back often for updates.

Updated 10-31-23 11:55 am

Thursday November 16

12:00 pm Gate Opens
7:00 pm Newcomers Meet and Greet (Mystic Oak Tavern)
7:00 pm Bordermarch Baronial Brewing Competition (Mystic Oak Tavern)
7:00 pm Drum Circle (BFT)
12:00 am Gate Closes

Friday November 17

8:00 am Gate Opens
9:00 am Authorization Fest (Castle)
10:00 am – Noon Sir Maelgwyn’s Melee Commander Class – Chivalric (Bridge)
10:00 am Melee Bear Pit – Chivalric (Castle)
10:00 am Calvin Ball – Rapier (Side Field)
12:00 pm Thrown Weapons Range Opens
12:00 pm Archery Range Opens
12:30 pm Thrown Weapons Marshal Class (Thrown Weapons Range)
12:30 pm Target Archery Marshal Class (Archery Range)
1:00 pm Ashton Sauceda-Demino Presents Introduction to Equestrian in the SCA (Equestrian)
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Sir Maelgwyn’s Melee Commander Practicum – Chivalric (Castle)
2:00 pm Tic-Tac-Throw Knife Tournament (Thrown Weapons Range)
2:00 pm Atlantian Speed Tourneys – Chivalric (Bridge)
2:00 pm Class – How to do a Hafla (BFT)
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Unbelted Tournament – Chivalric (Field)
4:00 pm Equestrian Authorization (Equestrian Field)
4:00 pm Don Armand’s Pumpkin Carving Tournament – Rapier (Side Field)
4:00 pm Thrown Weapons Range Closes
4:00 pm Archery Range Closes
5:00 pm General Equestrian Games, Practice, Buzkashi/Crest Combat Practice (Equestrian Field)
5:00 pm Court (BFT)
7:00 pm Newcomer Torchlight Tournament – Chivalric (Castle)
7:00 pm Count Sir Simonn of Amber Isle’s Memorial (Mystic Oak Tavern)
7:00 pm Bardic Circle Hosted by 3 Goats Camp (Near Stargate encampment)
7:00 pm SCA Singles Meet “Swipe Right Back In Time” (Mikel’s Tavern)
7:00 pm Hafla (BFT)
7:00 pm Vigil for Centurion Miklos Nemeth (Caerleon Camp)
8:00 pm Vigil for Dona Elizabeth Canton (Hird Camp)
12:00 am Gate Closes

Saturday November 18

7:00 am Gate Opens
8:00 am Armor Inspections before/after Morning Court – Rapier/Chivalric (Bridge)
8:00 am – 2:00 pm Bordermarch Arts and Sciences Championship (BFT)
8:30 am Procession (Equestrian to Castle Field)
9:00 am Morning Court
10:00 am – 2:00 pm Dirty Dozen Largesse Derby (BFT)
10:00 am Field Battle – Rapier (Field)
10:00 am Castle Battle with Archery and Seige – Chivalric (Castle)
10:00 am – 12:00 pm Dragano Chevaleri Memorial Tournament – Youth Chivalric (Field)
10:00 am Thrown Weapons Range Opens
10:00 am Archery Range Opens
10:00 am Thrown Weapons Marshal Class (Thrown Weapons Range)
10:00 am – 12:00pm Children’s Activities (Children’s Tent Artisan Row)
10:30 am For Fun Equestrian Competition (Equestrian Field)
11:00 am Youth Prize Archery Tournament (Archery Range)
11:00 am A.X.E Tournament (Thrown Weapons Range)
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Stargate Soup Luncheon (Castle Field)
1:00 pm Youth Prize Thrown Weapons Tournament (Thrown Weapons Range)
1:00 pm Bridge Battle with Archery – Chivalric (Bridge)
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Dragano Chevaleri Memorial Tournament – Youth Chivalric (Castle)
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm Arts and Science Displays take down (BFT)
2:00 pm Castle Battle – Rapier (Castle)
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Children’s Activities (Children’s Tent Artisan Row)
2:30 pm Thrown Weapons from Around the World (Thrown Weapons Range)
2:30 pm DEIB Salon hosted by HRM Nicolet (BFT)
3:00 pm Field Battle with Archery in the 2nd Battle – Chivalric (Field)
3:00 pm Bordermarch Bardic Championship (Ampitheatre)
3:30 pm Bordermarch Youth Bardic Championship (Ampitheatre)
3:30 pm BBQ Competition Submissions Due – Judging Begins
3:30 pm Golden Lance Circle (BFT)
3:45 pm Plumbata Tournament (Thrown Weapons Range)
4:00 pm Centurion Circle (BFT)
4:00 pm Sable Shield Tournament – Youth, Rapier, Chivalric (Castle)
4:00 pm Fighter Pick-ups – Chivalric (Field/Castle/Bridge)
4:00 pm Chiv Talk with Timo – Chivalric (Field)
4:30 pm Black Blade Tournament – Rapier (Field)
4:30 pm Archery Range Closes
4:30 pm Thrown Weapons Range Closes
6:30 pm Evening Court
Evening – Bordermarch Brewing Guild’s Vodka Tasting! – Bordermarch Camp

Sunday November 19

9:00 am – 10:30 am Ansteorran Royal Cut and Thrust Championship (Castle Field)
12:00 pm Event Ends

Additional information about activities :

  • Friday Evening Court – Final court and step down of Their Excellencies Meurik the Humble and Gabriella de Lacy
  • Saturday Morning Court – Investiture of the New Territorial Nobles.
  • Saturday Evening Court – Elevations of Dona Elizabeth Canton to the Order of Defense and Centurion Miklos Nemeth to the Order of Chivalry.
  • Dirty Dozen Largesse Derby – Come one, come all! Enter into our Dirty Dozen Largesse Derby to help create a largesse chest for our new Baron and Baroness of Bordermarch! Entries need to be a minimum of twelve items. Winner receives one of each item entered. The remaining entries will be given to the new Baron and Baroness of Bordermarch. There is no theme. Create items that you, yourself would love to receive.
  • DEIB Salon – Topic will be Disabilities – seen and unseen. We will be brainstorming ideas on how to help those with disabilities have fuller enjoyment of the SCA
  • Friday Night Bardic Circle Hosted by 3 Goats Camp – Seating is limited. Please bring your own chair
  • Bardic Championships – theme is to be a Bardic Bost. Bards have the ability to raise someone’s deeds and achievements beyond just a simple story. A good bard can take someone’s story and transform it into a legendary tale. Entrants are encouraged to tell a boastful tale about someone else, or even themselves.
  • Melee Bear Pit – 4 man teams
  • Atlantian Speed Tourneys – Single Sword, Polearm, Bastard Sword
  • Newcomers Tournament – Entrants should have 2 years or less experience and no fighting awards
  • Castle Battle with Archery and Siege – 2 rounds taking turns defending and attacking. 30 minute limit each round. Defender do not get rez. Attackers do get rez.
  • Bridge Battle with Archery – 2 rounds at 20 minutes each then switch sides. No Rez.
  • Field Battle with Archery in the 2nd battle – 15 minute rez each
  • Drum Circle – Bring your drums to learn and/or just come have some fun!
  • Shakey Knees award scrolls – If a fighter makes their first ‘battlefield kill’ from any War-of-the-Rams at this year’s event, they can receive a Shakey Knees award scroll. On Saturday, fill out the Yellow cards found at the Bordermarch Baronial pavilion at the castle field. Scrolls can be picked up after Saturday evening court at the Mystik Oak Tavern.
  • Unbelt tournament hosted by Hird will require entrants to be present promptly at 3pm. Tournament is open to anyone who is not a member of the order of chivalry. Format TBD either round robin pools into top 4 single elim 2/3 or a straight round robin 2/3 bring your best. Sven Randullsson John Keown Aaron Hooker are your hosts
  • Sable Shield Tournament – Single Elim, best 2/3, bring your best. Depending on the number of entries we will either challenge up or fold the line. Seek out holders of a sable shield to sponsor you or fight under your own. A entry donation of $10 is required and all proceeds go to the charities chosen to support our troops. 2 prizes will be given: Tournament winner and Best death
  • Chiv Talk with Timo – Have a chat about any and all things Chiv. Will be open forum, so feel free to stop by between pick up bouts.
  • Ashton Sauceda-Demino would like to offer an Introduction to Equestrian in the SCA class at 1pm on Friday. This class is intended to give non-equestrians a chance to come meet horses, learn how to safely conduct themselves around them and get involved without owning your own horse. It’ll be held at the equestrian camp
  • SCA Singles Meet “Swipe Right Back In Time”- Held at Mikel’s Tavern. Make connections with others like yourself. Confidently meet people who share common interests and come from all walks of life. Come play games, get to know your fellow SCAdian and possibly make a future friend or more.
  • Bordermarch Brewing Guild’s Vodka Tasting! Saturday night at Bordermarch Camp. Saturday night at WotR will be our flavored vodka night (as voted at gulf war after rum night.) Either store-bought or home-made, bring a bottle, or finger foods to share around the fire Saturday night. Also, We will be sharing our group bottled beer brew in camp! Come by, share a drink, and talk shop if you are wanting to get involved.