Sawdust and Steel Guild

A guild dedicated to promoting medieval metalworking and woodworking skills.

Sawdust and Steel Guild: Lord Atli Karlsson – Principal

Meeting at The Art Studio the first Saturday of the month.

Location: The Art Studio, 720 Franklin Street, Beaumont. Inside the red brick building at 720 address is the air-conditioned classroom. Next door is a white building, a production workshop, where blacksmithing and carpentry happen, with cooking on that shaded loading dock.

Date: 1st Saturday of a month, Sawdust and Steelworkers are joined by Cooks Guild, and the Herbal and Apothecary Guild.

Time: In hot months, meet at 10:AM to beat the heat. In cooler months, 2:00 PM.

Everyone is welcome to attend any guild gathering!